Martin Grosse Submissions
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For those 'In-the-doghouse' days
International Sign of Marriage
Need much quicker meetings at work?
Porcupine Chair for Quick Meetings
Something that does grow on trees in Newfoundland
Newfie Cab Driver - Can You Guess His Number?
How they clean streets in South America
Columbia Street Party
This cat may be strong, but smell isn't everything
Super Cat
Giving a ride to a riding lawn mower
Redneck Lawn Mower Delivery
Only downside to this rental car is its clingon grip
Downer Rental Car
In safe hands amidst the storm
Lighthouse Safety
Why leave mice on the floor - fling em' on your tree!
Mouse Christmas Ornament
For inflamed management
Anger Management Suppository Bullets
Where playground security takes bottom priority
Future Corrections Officer
Ladies like to handle this cactus
Touchy Subject
German football fans prepare for gold crown
Germany In World Cup Final
Your free 'hot' coupon
McDonald's 'Sue Me' Coupon
Animated sitcom characters try out Halloween stunts
South Park Jack o'Lanterns
Free Mammogram test for your Trick or Treat
Best Halloween Costume 2003
Even Ronald has to go sometime
How Bubba keeps his office compliant to ISO Standards
Redneck Office 2001 Compliance
Bubba's favourite figure of speech
Engineer's Bra Design
When wedding vows get in the way of the ceremony
Redneck Marriage
Go, Jean-e, Go!
New Rolling Stones Guitarist
Car turnover advice from your local police
Empty Your Car Sign - Street Smarts 4U
Realize how quickly our loved ones can be taken from us
Graphic Auto Accident (PG)
Who says you can't take it with you?
Redneck Funeral
Bubba practices for catching the big one
Redneck Fishing Derby
Will this slow down his world delivery schedule?
Santa Slippage on Modern Roof
Some food doesn't go well with sleigh rides
Santa's Last Stop For Mexican Food
Merry ChristMouse or Year of the Rabbit?
Looking for a Microsoft franchise? Lebanon has an air-conditioned store for you!
Microsoft Lebanon's New Store
Baby on a Bun - For Mom's 'eat and run' days
How computer problems are solved in Germany
Nothing To Fear... NetMan is Here!
When your shrink doesn't even like you
Feel Like a Christmas Fruitcake?
Playing with fire on the cat trampoline
Cat and Mouse Belly Dancing
Baboon Art - artist in the woods
A Baboon Wood - Would You?
What it takes to succeed in da hood
Detroit High School - Math Proficiency Exam
Bubba puts his best front forward
Redneck Olympics - Freestyle Mudding
How the hippopotamus are you?
Basic Rules of English Spelling and Grammar
When etiquette comes next to personal hygiene
Tips For Rednecks
Two hour train delay tests Mom's nerves
Train Set
Bird watching talents not required
Do You Think She Talks Too Much?
Computer indigestion
Mouse Trap - Too Much For This Cat To Handle
Almost Endorsed by the Queen
Royal Commemorative Coin
Debunking myths about sexuality
Nymphomaniac Convention
Delicate operation - handle with care
Whale Circumcision
A Blonde's quick course in mechanics
Crap In The Carburetor
Do you long to be a Redneck?
Yuppie to Redneck in 25 Steps
Postage stamp quality in Russia
Stalin Stamps
Let the Irish siege begin!
Ireland Declares War On Iraq
Looking for the Wong person
No Fee Chinese Detective
New computer window for girls - just released from Micro-soft
Computing For Girls - A Windows Special
How's your pyfon?
Painful way to tighten up your loose teeth
Tongue In Cheek or Lockjaw?
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