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Discovering underground art
Below Ground
Which shave do I put my toothbrush on?
Bathroom Choices
How to become a politician & fleece your consituents
Politician Training
Hi-tech roadwork paving way for drivers
Brick Road Laying in The Netherlands
Thanks to all of you from all of us at
Happy New Year 2U!
Do you smell something burning?
Santa Stop Lights
Finding a helping hand in a computer kitchen
Tech Support Helps To Delete Your Cookies
... as you would like to be Tweeted
How To Tweet Others
Barber shop for Brits
British Hairways
Meeting a goose at 11,000 feet @ 185 knots can ruin your day
Duck That Did Not Duck
Everything is relaxed on a Celebrity Cruise Ship
A Resting Lawn
Optometrist guide to what causes bad eyes
Eye Examination Chart
If Heaven can't wait, read these quickly!
God's Billboard
Lettuce praise and relish him
Catch Up With Jesus
Spilling the beans globally
Coffee World
Chainsaw art in the country
Just Carving A Tree
Architect balances aesthetic appeal with practical considerations
Questionable Building
General effects of inbreeding among canines
Inbred Dog
At his age you don't hold anything back, even if you wanted to!
Did Philip Fart?
Grab Em - Bag Em - Burn Em
Budget Funeral
Rink rats beating the Toronto Maple Leafs
Skating Rink Kids
Strong advice on how to take a Viagra tablet
Viagra Elephant
Do Las Vegas churches accept gambling chips?
Gambling Chips
Are we too old to drive this car?
Joystick Car
It took Bubba all weekend, but he finally got the tree up!
Redneck Christmas Tree
Three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could ever make
Reflections on Pearl Harbor
An animal that gets around town
The Pastor's Donkey
Piper Malibu loses prop-osition
Plane Loses Propeller
Gynecologist's tip: whistle while you work
Singing Gynecologist
Reaching for the top in the kitchen
Spaghetti Night
When betting on 18 holes is a sure loser
Christian Golf
Little Johnny learns the basics of Politics
Politics 101
'Would you like cream or fresh milk with your coffee?'
Starbuck's Employee of the Month (PG)
The ultimate diet for a drinking man
Beer Diet
Newfies are just plane practical when dealing with lawyers
Don't Mess With A Newfie
Jimbo thought he was taking home a beauty
Herd Mentality