Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1164

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Tapping into India's scarce resources
Water Supply
Performance transmission without performance
Race Break
Turn Signal wisdom
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Why some fans love the Boston Bruins
Hooking Penalty
Going to Serengeti?
Zebra Bus Stop
Returning to the Star Wars Canine Galaxy
Chewie, We're Home
Ship pilots that lead by example
Porpoise Pilots
Strutting her stuff
Admin Assistant Bird
Fast Food for Race Car Drivers
Liftup Lunch
How bartenders get tipsy on the job
Bartender Spill
Rare mint coins a-head of their time
Cutout Coin Silhouettes
Cycling Down Under
Australian Cyclist
After-life shopping in Georgia
Redneck Estate Sale
Stay calm - help is on the way!
Corn Maze Warning
Nursing student puts artificial limbs to good use in class
Texting For Dummies
Finally a weather forecast you can count on!
Clever Weather Billboard
Perestroika allows Boris more playtime along the Volga
Water Skiing in Russia
Moon Trailer from beginning to end
Moon Harvest
Building blocks for a young Chess Grandmaster
It's all mine!
Meal Alert
Finding a way around the building code in Turkey
Turkish Architecture
Turning brown into green
Ben Dover Plumbing
Scary relationships grown on trees
Date Carving
Which actor will show up?
Gene Wilder
Suspended animation for a racing sports car
Corvette Suspension
We now pause for a break in the spooky music
Don't Break The Window
Do you prefer a Biscuit Pocket or a Biscuit Bucket?
Best Tea Cup
Looks like I'm not going home
Florida Car Alarm
NBA basketball stars on and off the court
Big Basketball Fan
Having a bad zipper day?
Artistic sharks and bats
A 'fine' way to get better grades
Cheat Sheet
Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist
Vase Security
Animals in the Great White North adapt to surroundings
Canadian Squirrel
Catching a ride with Mom
HorseBack Riding
Where you can get a free belly rub
Pets Come First
Finding the best kayak alternative
Senior's Paddle Surfboard
A Canadian actor never flat-footed for a photo op
Big Foot Returns to The Screen
Repetitive eBay sales
Homing Pigeon Sale
Getting a handle on brief clothing
The safest time to ride a rattlesnake
Taxidermy Ride
Do you have a fear of Clowns?
Clowns Have No Fear
Some close-up pictures are too close
Leopard Surprise
Marching to the sleep of a different drummer
Yawn March
How to put the spark back in your relationship
Motorcycle Grind
Hi-tech cycling in the early 1900s
Bicycle Skates
Some passengers thought the entrance fee was too high
Kung Fu Driver
Jethro working on one of his pet projects
Driveway Paving
Bicycle tires with a side view
Mirror Bike
What tire stores call 'Rolling Stock'
Wheely Unstable
Watered down version
Wet T-Shirt Contest Winners
Bubba's idea of a Touch Less carwash
Bottom Blast Car Wash
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