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Touring kayak no longer on tour
Kayak Funeral
Wishing you a reasonably happy Holiday Season
Lawyer Christmas
The Four Seasons y'all remember
Crash Course in Texas Weather
Dealing with water restrictions in the suburbs
They All Look So Jacozy
Hammer advice for novice campers
Tent Peg Setup
Life is too short for the wrong job
Behind The Scenes
Some paintings crave attention
He Looked Thirsty
Wearing an earmuff made of snow
Snow Receiver
Some say that Santa looks better this year
And The Most Terrifying Santa Award This Year Goes To...
What an awesome idea!
See-Thru Windows
How to make your Christmas tree really glow
Christmas Light Cat
Can you find the leopard in this picture?
Spot the Snow Leopard
Rudolph didn't want to lead the sleigh last night
Why Santa Was A Little Late This Year
I was driving down the road when all of a sudden...
How The Grinch Really Stole Christmas
You know the economy is bad when even the big guy has to work two jobs
Christmas Double Shift
Present preparation for the big day
Merry Christmas
Use it for Christmas, then regift it in January!
Christmas Tree Recycling
Meanwhile in Scotland...
Scottish Stormtrooper
Sign up for a switch to energy efficiency
Energy Saver
Cutting back on the Christmas budget this year
Invisible Christmas Tree
Candy Cane Cat suffers through Christmas photo op
Santa Cat
At Disneyland, this is the exact point where miracles happen
Miracle Walk
Where Art hangs out with his card-playing buddies
Royal Flush
Icicle helmet for cars
Mad Max Flurry Road
Native Indian translation for bad hunters
Vegetarian Hunter
The best coffee is almost on the house today
Free Coffee
What happened to you, Spock?
Star Trek Diet
Handling an albino python takes many hands
Yellow Pet
Twisting your optic nerves in a bunch
Nerve Twitch
What most of you will be getting this year
Santa Posts
When your insurance won't cover you
Patient Transfer Service
Looks like another way to enter the matrix
Teeth Whitening
Hard to believe people are still wearing fir
Christmas Coat
Attractive lure starts off budding romance
Bulge That All Women Love
Vatican blesses new gun powder application
Orthodox Weapon
Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...
Wicked Stawm
Preparing for the annual Redneck equestrian rodeo
Sea Horse
And the 'Shadiest Mechanic Award' goes to...
Blinker Fluid
What the 5th dimension is like
Trapped in the 5th Dimension
The economy is rough for everyone these days
Job Retraining
Janitor humour at the Toronto aquarium
Wet Floor Caution
When it's a good time to pay attention to traffic
Where Safety Begins
Something smells fishy at the Fish and Chips shop today
What A Deal
Global Warming forces polar bears to find other work
Polar Bear Photographer
1950: Park on a dime; 2019: Park on a toonie
Parallel Parking Car
Instructions for hitting close range targets
On Short Notice
Fox News reports a dangerous house on the loose
Fire Destroyed
Finding the sign of a good relationship
You May Pet Me
Giving a hoot in the Holiday Season
Eastern Screech Owl
Pain-full injection gone awry
Time To Retire
A view in the woods
Tree Face
How mares attract stallions
Horse Model
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