Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1183

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Keeping watch over the fields of prey
Snowy Barn Owl
How to make Vodka Cocktails with a sandal shooter
Russian Shot Glass
Canadian winter nap in Winterpeg
Just Chillin' Out
Unexpected zoo visitor pops by for a chat
Camel Visitor
Preparing for a fall arrest
Stairway Ladder
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waves from one of his naval ships
Naval Salute
Driving down the road in a hot rod bass boat
Retired Truck Driver
Waiting for a break in the action: 3... 2... 1...
Stair Railing Electrician
Texas is a state of being
How Texans View The U.S.
Wood you like a long relationship with a tree?
Built-In Chair
Solving the mosquito invasion before it happens
Super Size Mosquito
Typing made easy for kids
Crayola Keyboard
Guide dogs in the turtle world
Turtle Leash
Listening to the voices in your wife's head
Clever Man
Creating a home for the homeless in the bathroom
Sad TP
Peter Parker's early career as Spider-Man
Spiderman Face Cup
This town ain't big enough for both of us
Boss Bird
Blending in with the tide
Sea Girl
Signs of the food times
Lord Of The Fries
Fitness plan to cut out fat
Just Be Ugly
The new amphibious model
Just completing my preparations for St. Patrick's Day
Going Green for Ireland
When it's hard to look the other way
What's That Smell?
Custom van etched to perfection
Van Go
Just remembered that I left my coat at home
Coatless Cat
Doing business in the Ukraine: making a bum deal
Awkward Conversation
Where they sleep in Winterpeg
Canadian Winter Bed
Get those hands off the snooze button!
Conquering My Snooze Addiction
Why Volcano Boarding is an adrenaline rush - except for the rock landing
Real Men Don't Snowboard, they Volcano Board
8 things the Marines aren't telling the Navy
Marine Secrets
Out with the old, in with the new - a continuing Canadian saga
Welcome To Canada
My boss's idea of going on a holiday
Calculator Flip Flops
What colour meat do you get when you cross beef with chicken?
All White Meat
Big stork announcement to come
Stork Delivery
Dating site for Pit Bull dogs
Kissing Booth
Cutting the grass in style
Military Mower
Flowchart direction to flowing drinks
Everything OK Bar
Slanted building or downward cars?
Point Of View Downer
Budget cuts are starting to take their toll
Sheriff Cutbacks
3D Sculptures made of suspended sewing buttons
Sewing Sculpture
Deerlusion for mountain cyclists
Montana Mountain Bike
Placing a face on the NBA Brooklyn Nets
Nothing But Net
Taking a bite out of travel luggage
Jam Packed Suitcase
Because riding ponies is for pussies
Reptile Ride
Fowl recession going on in America
Economy Hit Hard
When food is left unattended at the picnic table
Watermelon Treat
High priority setting at a French Canadian intersection
Quebec Stop Sign
Playground prankster
Spiral Playground
Skydiver breaks sound barrier
Going Out On A Limb
If it wasn't broken we would fix it
Secret Of A Long Marriage
Except for...
Cheap Cars For Sale
Warning: huge aggressive spider in cup
Best Office Prank
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