Keith Blake Submissions
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Hard to believe people are still wearing fir
Christmas Coat
Attractive lure starts off budding romance
Bulge That All Women Love
Vatican blesses new gun powder application
Orthodox Weapon
Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...
Wicked Stawm
Preparing for the annual Redneck equestrian rodeo
Sea Horse
And the 'Shadiest Mechanic Award' goes to...
Blinker Fluid
What the 5th dimension is like
Trapped in the 5th Dimension
The economy is rough for everyone these days
Job Retraining
Janitor humour at the Toronto aquarium
Wet Floor Caution
When it's a good time to pay attention to traffic
Where Safety Begins
Something smells fishy at the Fish and Chips shop today
What A Deal
Global Warming forces polar bears to find other work
Polar Bear Photographer
1950: Park on a dime; 2019: Park on a toonie
Parallel Parking Car
Instructions for hitting close range targets
On Short Notice
Fox News reports a dangerous house on the loose
Fire Destroyed
Finding the sign of a good relationship
You May Pet Me
Giving a hoot in the Holiday Season
Eastern Screech Owl
Pain-full injection gone awry
Time To Retire
A view in the woods
Tree Face
How mares attract stallions
Horse Model
Road rage in the animal world
Get In Line!
Living carpet landscaping ideas
Grass Leak
Corny dog racing in Nebraska
Honda Boxer Engine
Dog obedience training in Texas
Gun Leash
How caribou use decoys for safety during hunting season
Antler Field
Survivor from the NASCAR 23-Feb-2013 crash
Lucky Spectator
Man dies after falling into giant coffee vat
Instant Coffee Tragedy
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers need better graphic designers
Pure Maple Syrup
Reducing the high cost of electricity
Wife Consumption
Is Manual Disimpaction too risky?
Dog Proctologist
Realizing you're on 'The Road Not Taken'
Crossed Paths
Making your budget stretch farther at the supermarket
Fish Diet Meal
Rust-ic small block engine - cheap price! Bring chainsaw
Chevy Block For Sale
No worries - there are plenty of fish in the sea
Shark Circles
Orienteering activities for the bathroom
Topographic Sink
The big lake with the longest name in the United States
We Call It Lake
Obedience training starts in the pantry
Maybe Shame Will Stop Her
Bear safety - use extreme caution when outdoors
The Slower The Better
And now for advancing news in the liquor industry...
Progress Bar
Grave transportation in Dresden, Germany
Gothic Hearse
How to protect a long hairstyle
Epic Turban
Confined bird becomes a foul fowl
Fowl Soccer Coach
Custodian's leftover paint becomes school masterpiece
Unknown Artist
The real reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs
Sorry, Rex
Unkindly message from your front tire
Tire-d Fork In The Road
Preparing for the next apocalypse
End Of World Car Sale
A rather unfortunate name for an Apple Store employee
Sam Sung
Bringing paper art to life
PaperCut Artwork
Inspiring your ride to go faster
Faster, My Noble Steed!
Choosing an environmentally-friendly security alarm system
Neighborhood Watch
Setting sun creates perfect backdrop
Cheap pickups for sale in Florida
All I Coulda Ford
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