Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1317

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Waiting for a break in the action: 3... 2... 1...
Stair Railing Electrician
Does she have a grip on him or vice versa?
Bent Over
Where this little piggy went...
Gone To Market
Muppets 2021 characters
Peak Bernie
I think I found one of the shorts...
Fuse ReplaceMeant
Why Louisiana is called the 'Sportsman's Paradise'
Picturesque snow run-off
Squeezing into a tight T-Shirt
Grasping Shirt
Calm before the storm
Funnel Farm
Wearing an earmuff made of snow
Snow Receiver
Love at first crash
Romantic Accident
Choose your fishing gear carefully
Chernobyl Fish
Little Johnny's survival techniques in Winterpeg
TyrannoSnowRus Rex
How to type in Japanese
Japanese Keyboard
Are you missing underwear?
Cat Burglar
No-hands motorcyclist
Foot Race
46th U.S. President calls on Americans to 'end this uncivil war'
Biden in the Oval Office
What tire stores call 'Rolling Stock'
Wheely Unstable
The result of Covid lockdown
Pocket Change
Fitting together in a mechanic's workshop
Not Without A Washer
Don't mess with the space/time continuum, bro!
Lost Wormhole
Watered down version
Wet T-Shirt Contest Winners
When a raccoon ponders a wedding proposal
What Did She Say?
So I tucked my hair up under my hat
Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign
Jethro's axellent idea to combine his yard tools
'Scooters For Seniors' has the run of the town
Onward, My Noble Steed!
Oh, I wish I wasn't an Oscar Mayer Weasel
Edible Pet Clothing
How bartenders get tipsy on the job
Bartender Spill
Catching up on a literary classic
Thrilling Read
Reconditioned tri-mobile is Bubba's favourite European car
New Audi
Polly wants more than a cracker
Bird Person
Stair exercise workout for the weight challenged
Stair Choices
Safety first when fighting the neighbour's house fire
Cautious Fireman
You are indeed a gem
Carbon Dating
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers need better graphic designers
Pure Maple Syrup
Talking parrots deserve better than a caged environment
Nothing Can Stop Me Now
Usually paper covers, sands or captures rock
How Paper Beats Rock
How to bypass electronic monitoring
Pool Fashion
Driving down the road in a hot rod bass boat
Retired Truck Driver
Cheap pickups for sale in Florida
All I Coulda Ford
This equestrian likes to horse around
Why The Long Face?
So, what's the mpg of this baby?
A Palestinian protester returns a tear gas canister to Israeli troops
Palestine Regifting
Protecting nature's path
Forest Guardian
Ongoing reach for the best framed portrait
Hands On Painting
Warm weather bird gets chilling reception
I Don't Want To Get My Pants Wet
Animals in the Great White North adapt to surroundings
Canadian Squirrel
If only this building could talk...
Building Ear
Just hairy up and get 'er done!
Finally Got A Haircut
Experienced family law and divorce attorneys provide quick results
Divorce Lawyers
Frosty calls collect when weather permits
Phone Snowman
Putting a face to a park resident
Tree Eyes
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