Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1216

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Safety begins by not giving it to Junior
Early Shave
Listen to all your clan's favourite music
Tartan Headphones
Looking for an easier way to travel across the country
Flying is so Overrated
Baby food for chocoholics
Nutella Soother
On the cutting edge of food preparation
Pizza Cutter
Talking parrots deserve better than a caged environment
Nothing Can Stop Me Now
Safety first when fighting the neighbour's house fire
Cautious Fireman
Einstein's theory about space
It's About Time
Winner of the retirement home's 'Still Motion Cyclist' award
Aging Cyclist
What today's passengers call stress on a cruise ship
Worst Cruise Ever
Fresh gourmet spices for the kitchen herb specialist
Ultimate Spice Rack
MacIsaac found it hard to choose between the options
Scottish Choices
When a cure can be found in the next aisle
Diabetes Medication
Firmly founded in antiquity
Tree Root Church
Keeping student's eyes on their own exam papers
How To Prevent Cheating
Crying fowl on a Canadian Prairie lake
Optimistic Goose
Buying a van just big enough for your tractor
Tight Tractor
Mr. Bean laps scooter racers
Been Lapped
How good are you at reading body language?
A Woman's Hands
Raising the bar for Russian sharpshooters
Estonia Vodka
Turning flower into flour
Baked Tulips
Broomstick used by top Quidditch Players and Wizards
Harry Potter Parking
You don't want to upset this Grandma
Grandma Safety
Spiderman works out sticky internet marketing plan
Web Designers
Hi-tech technology twitter app for the birds
Twitter Feed
Gone With The Wind - 2012 remake
Extreme Makeover - Tornado Edition
The real reason for heavy traffic congestion in Fort McMurray
No Passing Lanes
How to turn down the noise level
Mute Button
Ireland prepares for the flu pandemic
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020
How St. Paddy supports the Irish faithful
Irish Rugby Fans
As you slide down the banister of life
Irish Banister Blessing
Just completing my preparations for St. Patrick's Day
Going Green for Ireland
Lucking out on the drive home
St. Patrick's Pot of Gold
Diplomatic request for VIP seats at a World Cup Play-off Match
Irish Diplomacy
Beware of Irish candy on St. Patrick's Day
Leprechaun Treats
Stair exercise workout for the weight challenged
Stair Choices
How to see above the rush hour traffic
High-End Scooter
Land art in the country
Guitar Farm
Tea for two, in one pouring
Porkaholic sees something inviting
I Love Pet Food
Was this picture taken in Greece or Vancouver?
Riot Safety
The best muzzles - keeps both of them quiet
Dog Muzzle
Watch for a couch potato in the cycling lane
Office Bike
When 'No Diving' is merely an invitation
Sign Model
A Brush with History: Combplete Hair Care
Big Hairbrush
Shortage due to recent viral outbreak of stupidity
Diamond Ring TP
Does your dog seem demanding at times?
Where To Now?
Shopping dilemma: Would you prefer a regular or a deluxe hug?
Hug Me
Getting 'behind' on your delivery schedule?
Bike Bed
If only this building could talk...
Building Ear
How tourists tip park performers
Sidewalk Pickpocket
192 Wheel Oversized Radioactive Load
Nuclear Waste Truck
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