Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1340

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No worries - there are plenty of fish in the sea
Shark Circles
Zipper solution lets in only the good stuff
Your Fly Is Down
The spell checker appears to have failed
Dent Wizard
Communication between couples has never been easier
Modern Romance
Please don't feed the animals!
Giraffe Feeding Time
Long hair styles without style
Hair Do
So close but yet so hard!
Frozen Fish Meal
Grooming tips from a horse whisperer
Horse Hair
Where giants in the music world learn to play
Chinese Music School
Have I got a deal for you!
It Even Has A Chimney
Finally, patio season has arrived in Ottawa
Ontario Spring Dining
Almost like floating on air
How To Float
Squeezing into a tight T-Shirt
Grasping Shirt
Home-on-the-range cooking at its best
My Toaster Is Broken
Auto body repair by high-end specialists
Please Help My Car
Doc Brown sets the flux capacitor date for 2021
Great Scott!
Some jobs come with extra-high perks
Roller Coaster Skiing
Using statues to improve the weather
Horn Blower
Don't leave your rice uncovered
Rice Litter Box
How Mozart would have made a home alarm system
Keyboard Steps
Keeping student's eyes on their own exam papers
How To Prevent Cheating
Syracuse Orange Basketball Backboard substitue signal lights
Slam Dunk Repair Job
May you have a swinging time this Easter!
Happy Easter
Scary costumes of yesteryear
Creepy Easter Bunnies
The Age of Dinosaurs held up by helium
Balloon Dinosaur
I Yam A Fan Of Yours
My Sweet Potato
When two heads are better than one
Bathroom Multitasking
Looks like someone has had enough of the snow
No Time For This
Easter Island statues have bodies
The Truth
The city that never sleeps
New York Time Lapse
Preparation for a Lamb BBQ this Easter
Rack Slabbeth
How not to download or play with guitar instruments
Wannabe Shoplifter
Come to the zoo before the zoo comes to you
Zoo Invitation
Wood sails were flying off the shelves that day
Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...
Wicked Stawm
Don't Even Fart Out There!
Queensland Fire Ban
Electrical receptacle with a lot of power
Water Short
Birds of a splendour flock together
Taiwan Blue Magpie
Lifelike Da Vinci Impressionists
Statue Pose
Sending a personalized birth announcement
It's A Boy!
Latest in 'Second Hand' Clothing
How Do You Wear This?
Looking your best front and sideways
Building fire sparks new artist portrait
Fire Face
Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist
Vase Security
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Hands Out
Here the wild Toyota burrows in the snow to begin its winter hibernation
Burrowing Toyota
Largest South American canid
Crin Wolf
$2.00 for a dozen butts
Farm Fresh Nuggets
Reader's Choice in the courtyard
Book Reader Seating
Best face forward
Deep Meditation
Tempting opportunity to 'seal' the deal
Killer Whale Food
How to get fired from a construction site
Crane Drop
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