Keith Blake Submissions
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Something smells good at the zoo
Looking For Something?
Handling an albino python takes many hands
Yellow Pet
Performance transmission without performance
Race Break
Why Africa Air wasn't cleared for landing on the runway
African Airstrip
Ophidiophobia at the gas station
Filling Up Is OverRated
Wood sails were flying off the shelves that day
Taking a bite out of travel luggage
Jam Packed Suitcase
What colour meat do you get when you cross beef with chicken?
All White Meat
Placing a face on the NBA Brooklyn Nets
Nothing But Net
'But officer, the roadrunner ran into my truck...'
Meep Meep
Kitchen door to a hidden underground hideaway
Secret Passage
What don't you understand about the word 'No'?
Trash Bin Parking
Just make it fit
Find A Place For It
How to extend a window frame for a better view
Window Recliner
I always try to count the shots while I'm watching TV
Movie Guns
Bite-size appetite at the zoo
Polar Breath
Where dog walkers entertain their clients
Pooch Pool
Instruments for bare bones concerts
Skull Violins
There's nothing plane about their menu
Plane Restaurant
Meanwhile, down in Australia...
Aussie Motorcycle
Dream holidays around the world
Luxury Bungalows
Home improvement ideas start in the parking lot
Lowe's Holes
Finally found it!
Haystack Needle
Cleaning out the Gene pool in Chinatown
Kid Disposal
Some passengers thought the entrance fee was too high
Kung Fu Driver
Latest in 'Second Hand' Clothing
How Do You Wear This?
When a selfie stick interferes with a phone's intended purpose
Selfie Stuck
Why Deshaun couldn't bring enough water back for his family
Water Waste Basket
Feeling poolish on a warm day
Drain Swimmer
How to safety wrap your car for the holidays
Cellophane Parking
Worn out signs with alternate meanings
Unfortunate Sign Burnouts
Sign of an apologetic hot tub
Incontinent Pool
Letting go of a lot of built-up energy
Powerful Wind
Chock one up to a mechanical brake break
Tire Brake
Scuba diving safety tips for boat decks
Octopus Prey
NBA basketball stars on and off the court
Big Basketball Fan
Not quite on the cutting edge
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Cheaper than using Bungee cords!
Redneck Mattress
The little car that could
Be Patient
Finally, patio season has arrived in Ottawa
Ontario Spring Dining
Is Bacon Gluten-free?
Bacon Munchies
Where the real high demand for aging cummerbunds is
The Older You Get The Higher They Go
Ken lost the instructions on how to change his Ostomy Bag
Balloon Man
Will changing the toilet paper cause brain damage?
TP Risk
Chomping at the bit for Spring to come
Alligator Ice
91 year old grandpa mowing his ditch banks
Mower Handle Extender
Buying a van just big enough for your tractor
Tight Tractor
Piggyback transportation saves everybody money
Ship Shipping Ships
Preparation for a Lamb BBQ this Easter
Rack Slabbeth
May you have a swinging time this Easter!
Happy Easter
Driving in the good old days...
Country SUV
Buster Keaton's stunts were ahead of his time
First Segway
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