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Legal signs of the times
Attending To Business
Under trying circumstances, Little Johnny says grace
Little Johnny's Grace-Full Exit
Special attention on the first day of school
Gifts For The Teacher
Spend quality time on the throne - make this your next movement!
Bathroom Browser - TP Printer
Prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics - ask a Dubm question, eh!
Canadian Tourism Questions
Finally - a huge tax rebate for middle-class families!
2006 Massive Tax Refund
Post-Interest Painting Syndrome
Artist Appreciation
City choices for retirement living
Where Would You Rather Live?
Why is May 4th called 'Star Wars Day'?
Star Wars Day
Only pretending you know your job? You're ready for a promotion!
Rules of Work - How To Get Promoted
Final resting place for the hardcore motorcyclist
Motorcycle Tombstone
Some days, kernel corn just isn't enough
Bird Bomb - Whitewash To Go
It's what you don't see that counts...
X-Ray Wedding
Jewish salesman's 'Merchandise On Credit' policy
You Owe It To Your Customers
Dentist 'Filling In' for his son
Dentist's Good and Bad News
Why get all dressed up?
Redneck Shopping Dress
Don't you just love back-to-work Mondays!
Back-To-Work Mondays
Debate to determine who leaves their homeland
Catholic Exodus
Safety concerns for night time employees
Self Defense While Working Alone At Night
Flatulent news in Biblical days
1st Occurrence of Bad Gas in the Bible
Bottlenose dolphins to the rescue
Dolphins Save Lifeguards from Circling Great White Shark
What goes around comes around
Antique Regifting
Getting a taste for the Doctor's office
Bow Tie Syndrome
Johnny On The Pot - for people in glass houses
Would You 'Go' In This Glass Restroom?
Training the new Redneck employee
Bubba's Shipping Instructions: Handle With Care
Fire/Rescue Memorandum - Abbreviations used to describe patients
Ambulance Driver Reports
Language 101 for beginning relationships
Eight Words with Male and Female Meanings
Escape of the Blocks!
Cursor Survival Puzzle
Almost secure flight takeoff
Seeing Eye Pilots
Who runs your life?
I'm The Boss!
Hear we go again...
Honey, What's For Supper?
Adding up the legal costs for meat loss
Sausage Consultation
2010 Whistler Olympic Bookings
Whistler Condo Available
Just following along...
Foot Circle Exercise
Confused about your birth date?
Turning 11 Real Soon
Motors and bait camouflage well in Bubba's backyard
Redneck Neighbour
Teepee wisdom
Sons of the Squaws
Expressing the feeling within you
Art Show
Flight attendants with a GR8 sense of humour
Flight Instructions
Follow the cursor clock around the screen
Cursor Clock
Bartender guide to the Blame Game
Drinker's Fault-Finding Guide
Tips for a clean cat
How To Bathe A Cat
The best part of waking up
A Cup of GI Joe
Waiting to meet the girl of his dreams
Frog's Fortune
Yellow Pages comes to the rescue for almost all your broken glass needs!
Shark Attack Through The Yellow Pages
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