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Shocking way to get your news
Live Wire Reporters
Reverend Wright writes rite - do you copy?
Firefighter fights fires with canine assistance
Dalmation Firefighter
Little Johnny was a real handful when he was young
Grapefruit Kid
Is your room passive restrictive?
Politically Correct Statements
How to select the best qualified employee
New Employee Hiring Test
This friendly alligator smiles before he chomps
Bubba Gator
Tempted by the smell of chocolate chip cookies
Death By Chocolate
Laws of cat obedience
Cat Physics
Standing up for the wife
Anyone Without Sin?
Receding hairline runs in the family
Donald Trump's Dog
Did Nott shoot Shott?
The Duel
Weighing out all the bakery options
Son's Cookie Scale
Meeting your special needs every day
Today's Special Hardware Store
When a promotion at work is sometimes hard to stomach
Cannibal World Record
Finish the things you've started
How To Achieve Inner Peace
First pregnancy jitters
Does Childbirth Hurt?
Handy Engineering Conversions
Modern Conversion Tables
Law of Diminishing Returns from 1st to 3rd child
The Birth Order of Children
Global translator download
Language Converter
World Ideologies Explained by Reference to Cows
Two Cow Politics
Can you spot the friendliest one?
Find The Imposter
Keep Little Johnny away from the neighbours
Neighbour Trap
Dare you not to laugh!
Elastic Baby - Family Stress Relief
Universal Lottery Number Generator
Winning Lottery Numbers
Help out Steve as he recovers from a heart attack
Kickstarter Funding for Steve Delamar
Who needs ice sculpture in China when you can use watermelons!
Chinese Watermelon Sculptures
Developing an appetite for a Swedish treat
Moose Cheese
How to calculate your phone number using magic math
Phone Number Magic Trick
What are your chances of holding a winning ticket?
Odds of Winning a Canadian Lottery
If anything can go wrong, it will
Murphy's Law + ... Rules Of Life
Team effort for Super Seattle's MVP Award
2014 Vince Lombardi Trophy
How far Little Johnny was from the right answer
Little Johnny @ School
Looks like the scales don't quite balance
Maple Leafs Trade For Luongo
Taking a break to top up the fluids
Humour Brake
Compliments men and women can't resist
Compliments Of The Day
What do you use speed bumps for?
You Might Be A Newfie If...
Taking a turn for the worse
Crazy Guy
Tabby tote feline transportation for tough love
Cat Carrier - Ultimate Pet Accessory
You just slip them right on...
Banana Shoes
When you're tired, frustrated and can't find anything
A. A. A. D. D.
pls rite on tabs & giv 2 ppl
If God Had Texted the 10 Commandments
Sermon time proportional to stewardship tithing
Mennonnite Sermon Clock
Christmas delusions
Three Stages of Man
Is it a coincidence that the Beijing Summer Olympics started @ 8 PM on 08/08/08?
08/08/08 - the Ultimate Lucky Day
Is the Preacher 'Pastor His Prime'?
Financial Assistance For The Pastor
Survey: Do you support Mugabe in the Zimbabwe elections?
Zimbabwe Election Poll
spy spies eyes
Cursor Spy
This will knock your socks off
Asking God For New Shoes
Kids repeat what they hear
It's The Principal That Matters
Tips for underweight babies
Baby's First Exam
Does your dog have Collara?
Collara Dog
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