Karen Moore Submissions
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Looking for good weather?
Little Johnny's Weather Forecast
Paperwork never gets in the way of another GR8 inspiration
Joe's Office
Halloween cyclists beware
Ghost Rider Mask
TV celebrity carves an image for Halloween
Iron Man Jack o'Lantern
Halloween fantasy family goes trick-or-treating
Beetlejuice Costumes
Just following the Doc's liberal drinking guidelines...
'One Drink A Day' Schedule
Time to get up!
Bad Timing for a Cymbal Wakeup Call
Edible Plumber Pipe Fittings
Plumbing Butter
Baby Panda Twins born @ China's Wolong Panda Reserve
Panda Bear Summer
The purrfect spa treatment
Cat Massage
For take-it-easy walks: walk then rest; walk then rest...
Cushion Chair Shoes
For racing fans who can't get enough
Cheap Nascar Racing Thrills
How to get the best care for your teeth
Careful Dentist
Poetry with a perfect 1st line & worst 2nd line
Valentine Half & Half Poetry
Order tracking in the future
Pizza Order in 2020
New Year's lifestyle recipe 4U
New Year's Recipe
Looking for flaws to correct this New Year's Day?
Nothing To Correct on New Year's Day
What will children do without Santa?
Can't Be Santa, Can It?
Looking for a special treat this Christmas?
Mistletoe Treat For The Dog
Give her something special this Christmas
Christmas Gifts For Women
What dreams are made of
Cat Sushi - 'I Have A Dream'
Perfect laptop for the busy blonde
Blonde Computer
This one's un-beerable!
Redneck Cat Carrier
The demise of John DeLorean's company
DeLorean Coke Dealer
Bubba's always had an interest in straw poles
Redneck Focus Test
Football Player Version
University of Georgia Entrance Exam
Latest competition for Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral?
Lego Church
Who was on the earth first?
World's First Tradesman - The Electrician
How to best introduce new legislation
Ancient Greek Law
Little Johnny ponders financial decision
Cheerful Giver
A profession too strong to stomach
Distasteful Lawyer
Do these Franchise Opportunities fit your needs?
Tom Lee Music Franchise Opportunities
Care to try this ink-based diet?
Re-pen-tant Employee Freed From Penned-Up Feelings
Sending something breakable in your package?
Breakable Postal Package
Texan influence helps plane airflow
New Airforce One Plane
Strong winds in Sumas, Washington uproots beginning of Spring
Cherry Tree Casualty
So easy that even Bubba can solve it
Crossword Puzzle For Morons
'Fear Factor' Recipes from Canada's far north
Canadian North Cookbook
Yes, you can take it with you!
An Old Man's Dying Request
Leap Day for leaplings and leapers
Leap Year Trivia
Tips from golf prose
Golf Secrets
Suitcase hurling in Scotland
Scottish Ticket Avoider
This Doctor has a cure for what ails old ladies
65 And Pregnant?
How not to lose extra pounds
Answered Diet Prayer
Susie Lee's 'Will' or won't she?
Redneck Love Poem
Grandma's cure for a headache
Birth Control Pills For Grandma
Understanding Women 101
'Female Speak' Translation
When a blonde needs emergency treatment
911 Emergency
Cells Sell - but only if they get better
Spot the Hidden Cell Tower
Consistent cost approach for religious figureheads
Religious Haircuts

Language Lunacy
Christmas for the direction-challenged
Isn't That Right?
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