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Why Santa's Christmas tree is short this year
Elf Tree Decoration
Smart dog waits for the right time
How To Stalk A Marshmallow
Seeking medical advice
Loss of Appetite
The luckiest cowboy ever
How to use U.S. rectal suppositories
Obamacare Suppositories
Choosing birthday gifts for Mama
Mama's Bible
Taking advice from Past Presidents - a dream come true
Making This Country Better
Maybe the Mayans weren't good at predicting after all...
Mayan Cooling Off Period
Who will help with the wheat harvest?
The Little Red Hen - 2012
How to ensure the best-qualified candidate gets the job
One-Armed Consultant
French transcription:  Je ne give a pas
The Pity Train
The U.S. Presidential Election heats up
Romney's Hidden Tax Returns
Nothing like a dog to stir things up
Why Everyone Should Have A Dog
I hear that the President's trip to the troops didn't go over very well
Rallying The Troops
How to disappear in a really big hurry!
Be Careful at the Beach
Creative sign of a struggling nation
We Had A Dream
A whole lot about Texas that y'all didn't know
Why We Live in Texas
An obituary mourning the passing of a beloved friend
Common Sense
Just when you're preparing for a relaxing ride home...
Commuter Call
Sales are catching on fire
GM Volt
Vote for the other guy
Looking for companionship in all the wrong places
A Real Woman
Are your friends nutty or soaked in alcohol?
Fruitcake Friends
Ships in U.S. naval history
U.S. Navy Ships
Does the artist in you draw a blank?
Random Acts of Thinking
Refreshment after a long day of climbing up the ladder
Coffee in Heaven
Inspiration at Starbucks
Blonde Lawn
Q and A for the Fifty-Plus
AARP Forum
Blueprints for a new, improved Ark
Noah's 2011 Ark
A Cherokee Indian youths' Rite of Passage
Cherokee Legend
Chico and Harpo tickle the ivories
Marx Brothers Piano Duet
Sandwich safety in Asheville, North Carolina
Safest Restaurant In The World
His last wish - for what it's unworth
In Lieu Of Flowers
Olympic committee takes back skier's gold medal
Gold Medal Taken Back
Whose been lyin at your zoo?
Texas Zoo
Poetry in motion
Golf Poem
As the co-pilot, can you make this landing?
Aircraft Carrier Landing
Who is the most famous man in the world?
Most Famous Man
Honk if you enjoy!
Hooked On Classics by the Horn Guy
How To Win An Election
Cheating U.S. Politician in 2004
No wonder Coke tastes sooooo good
Coke Tastes So Good Because...
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