Jim Serritella Submissions
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Some smoke their hay in Arizona
Hay For Sale
Equestrian target practice recommended only for fixed-mount riders
Trip To The Emergency Room
Shocking European electrical plugs
Italian Electronic Humour
Strolling with a stroller in the early 1900s
Vintage Baby Trailer
Was it on a Wednesday or Thursday last year?
Wisconsin Summer
Definitely time for Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Night Watch
Evolution of Revolution: from unicycle to motorcycle
Vintage Circular Motorcycles
Bootiful baby sleeps beside memories of Dad
Dad In Mind
Finding a place for kneeling NFL players on the battlefield
NFL Military
Brilliant statement without a word being said
Flag Flying Alternative
Hearing through the noise behind you
I Can't Hear You
Golf - now the official alternative to the NFL
Golfers and Scotch
Finding a quick way to cut off all means of support
Wood Not Be Safe
If the shoe fits, ride it
Bike Walker
Escape from the sausage factory
Are you looked up to by dogs or cats?
Boss Resume
Poster boy for lawyers with no conscience
Legal Assistance For All
Walk not along an imaginary path
Walkway Not
Looking good for Mom and Dad
Little Johnny Bath
Quadruple the load on this hawg roadster
Motorcycle Limo
Small mushrooms won't keep out owl of the rain
Under The Weather
Home protection systems rolling out across Africa
Home Security - South African Style
These in'greed'ients belong in the Heart Attack Grill
Ultimate Manwich
Army recruits look good despite economic cutbacks
New Army Battle Fatiques
Where Henry got his first fear of heights
Baby Fling Contest
True puppy love
Instant Antidepressant
Ever argue with a female lawyer?
Woman Argument
When Rednecks sea lunch
Picnic Boat Launch
Water in its purest form is not conductive
Redneck Electric Pool
How to create a major power outage
Cutting Trees Above Powerlines
Sic Semper Tyrannis!
New Arizona State Flag
Donald Trump's replacement for Air Force One
My Other Plane
Looking for another sole-mate on the road
Preparing another swan song
Flood Swans
Lancaster, Pennsylvania streets after a garage sale
Amish Sailboat
So that's why we keep running out of toilet paper!
TP Dog
Gun control math for Texans
Follow your dreams, motorcycle riders!
Redneck Date
The Royal House of Clinton responds to tiresome questions
Da Queen
Body scan art for anonymous dancers
Miss TSA Calendar
Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own
Redneck Bra
Young and attractive relationships at the beach
Men Are The Same At Any Age
When you can't stay young forever...
Immature Owl
Now that I have your complete attention...
What Do You Want For Christmas?
Be prepared to fill up today
Zombie Drivers
How to get rid of the mother-in-law
Facebook Fear
Is Spring coming soon?
Spring Thaw
Reflections of a pigeon bird brain
Who's There?
If I had two faces would I be wearing this one?
Great Quotes (A)
Such an accomplished individual
Obama Accomplishments
Purely voluntary sleep
Great Quotes (B)
Entrance exam to the Pearly Gates
Titanic Test
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