Jim Serritella Submissions
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Un-beer-lievable chess pieces
Beer Chess
Locating the home of KFC
How to find Kentucky
Bubba's inflatable sleeping bag is almost waterproof
Redneck Skurfing
Swim lessons in India before monsoon season
Parallel Diver
Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 cna
Cna Yuo Raed Tihs?
Searching for a political whine cellar
Basement Liberals
Statue of Liberty's Presidential message
Tell It Like It Is
Don't try to butt in on experienced shoppers
Get In Line!
Water in its purest form is not conductive
Redneck Electric Pool
Was it on a Wednesday or Thursday last year?
Wisconsin Summer
Biblical prayer for the American President
Biden Prayer
Job search for clue-less employees
Now Hiring
Where savings do not apply to the elderly
No Senior Citizens Discounts
Most of the time life is good for a salmon
King Salmon Meal
How to quickly fix the economy
Biden Crossword
Could someone please shut off that light!
Monkey Morning
Leaving a bad impression
How To Keep All The Cookies To Yourself
No job was too tough for Esther
Handicap Lawnmower
Explaining things that come out of Washington
Anthropomorphic Nouns
Car steering wheels hold the key
Weakest Part
Bubba prefers duck tape over duct tape
Redneck Trailer Hitch
Search for the guilty canine is over
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Remaining straight in line is a soldier's cross to bear
Cross Inspector
Comedy in the animal kingdom
Seal LOL
Warning! Jim thinks that these may be offensive to BLM, Marxists and snowflakes
Cemetery Protest
Lighting the way on Bubba's clothes line
Redneck Porch Lights
What happens when your dog decorates your walls
Dog Wallpaper
Horse Equestrian leads show in synchronized trot display
In Step Horse
Lapping it all in on the farm
Cow Licks
Keep it closed or you'll lose the Dark Side
Dark Room
Purely voluntary sleep
Great Quotes (B)
Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own
Redneck Bra
Redneck first aid medical treatment
Transparent picture that radiates own approval
Radiologist Selfie
Inheriting a garage windfall - when your ship finally comes in
Resignation Letter
Topical antiseptic with alcohol and a dash of mercury
She may be strong but smell isn't everything
1920 Strongwoman
Maiden flight for the President
Invisible Air Force One
Model-T safety ladder for electricians
1910 Street Light Replacement
So that's why we keep running out of toilet paper!
TP Dog
Updated series reflects latest Texas trends
Survivor - Texas Style (2013)
If you can't make America great again...
Cheap Plywood
If I had two faces would I be wearing this one?
Great Quotes (A)
How hard can you laugh?
Running Tears
Petting zoo where the pets do the petting
Child Mouth Full
Bill often has bad hair days
Horn Guy
How I ground my kids
You Are Grounded
When choosing paint colors may be a problem
Husband Colors
There's a man in the waiting room
Invisible Patient
Is this a fake mirror?
Mirror Lake
Amy had in-cider information
Lancaster, Pennsylvania streets after a garage sale
Amish Sailboat
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