Jim Serritella Submissions
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Finding a quick way to cut off all means of support
Wood Not Be Safe
Swept off your feet in the parking lot
Baptised Trespassers
Harley-Davidson goes the extra mile...
Matching Receipt
Tips for building a lasting and loving relationship
A Good Woman
For chain sleepers
Fence Sitter
Holding on for all you've got
Ant Strength
Crossing the Canine Chasm
Stairway Dog
Use commas, and never miss a period
Practice Safe Text
Strolling with a stroller in the early 1900s
Vintage Baby Trailer
ATV transportation to the Dark Side
One way to close off the road when driving is hazardous
Snow Barrier
Points to Ponder as 2020 draws to a close
2020 Closure
Summarizing the past year of stress
If 2020 Was A ...
Hearing through the noise behind you
I Can't Hear You
Career decision made with lots of dough in mind
Becoming A Cop
Starting off a bleary New Year
Morning After Owl
Wishing you happiness, fun, success, good health, good luck and joy
New Year's Wish
Not another New Years' Resolution!
New Years Cat
Keeping a secret on New Year's Eve
Mistletoe Secrets
When you gotta go Down Under
Roo Paper
Now that I have your complete attention...
What Do You Want For Christmas?
How people survived on $10 a week in the Dirty Thirties
Montgomery Ward 1934 Christmas Catalog
Bill often has bad hair days
Horn Guy
What to do when all the White is gone...
Dreaming of a White Christmas
Solving hardware problems one byte at a time
Computer Support
Bubba brings deerlight to all boys and girls
Redneck Santa Float
Some smoke their hay in Arizona
Hay For Sale
Latest trend in the Ukraine: edible face masks
Manna Mask Breadative
Bubba's easy-to-make wieners, without the campfire mess
Redneck Wiener Roast
Inspiration to become bolder than a boulder
Grow a thick NASCAR-approved hedgerow
Hedge Race Car
Safety in numbers
Protective Wings
Do you suffer from Cirrhosis Of The River? Take Vitamin Sea
Nautical Sense of Humour
Bubba makes it a family affair in the restroom
Redneck Turkey Shoot
How to enjoy the traditional celebration
I Love Thanksgiving
Stacking your bets for high returns
Coin Stacking
Who doesn't win in clear cut logging
I Miss Being A Tree
Election integrity and Dominion voting machine fraud
Biden His Time
Family members that stick out for each other
Look Alike Family
Who can you trust when you've got car problems?
Roadside Assistance
Becoming a famous balerina starts with one imagined step at a time
Lining up for dog obedience training
Lunch Lineup
Hawg'n the road in the ghetto
Harley, David and Son
according to the Crystal Meth Church
How to take the float out of a float plane
Underwater Plane
Sage advice from Indian Chief 'Two Eagles'
Where White Man Went Wrong
How musicians get their nicknames
One Eyed Bob
How would you like to be the last crotch in this cyclist's lineup?
Police Cycle-Crotch Rider
Dedicated to the son I love
Hummer Memorial
Remembering those who gave everything
Veteran Thanks
Brought to you by a Soldier
Life of Freedom and Peace
The seed of Freedom's tree
Patriot Blood
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