Jack Byrd Submissions
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Make my day, kid!
Fish Dads
Watching your dreamboat nose dive into the harbor
Stern Warning - a Not Yacht
How to reduce the urge to go skinny dipping
Piranha on Steroids
Only a Redneck can become his own Grandpa!
Redneck Genealogy Lesson
Has your dog been vaccinated lately?
Lab Found
NASA Hubble Telescope pokes through space
The Eye of God
Bubba's new recipe for frankfurter grits
Redneck Seafood Dinner
Who is watching over your shoulder?
Good Luck Angel
Here's a recipe I thought you would like for the holidays
Turkey Recipe
New odometer for women - with speeds that make sense
Woman's Odometer
Bubba's lo-tech space travel plans
Redneck Space Shuttle
Texas solves the Middle East Peace Process impasse
Negotiations Texas Style
Secret weapon lies waiting in the fields
New Zealand Prepares For War
Michael Jackson sways past center of gravity
Smooth Leaning Shoes
Bubba's memory improvement tips
My Life in Segments
Bubba finds a use for the old Chevy short block out on the back porch
A Man's Grill
Would you like to add this to your daily commute?
Driving in Bolivia
Why you should ALWAYS twirl once in front of the mirror before leaving the house
Smile For The Day
Weight Watchers: lose weight by watching
New Wal-Mart Mirror
Sign on for more Sunday humour
Church Sign Humour
Oil companies take different position on high gas prices
New Oil Company Sign
Too bad the parents didn't go to school
What your piggy bank looks like after gassing up
After-Gas Piggy Bank
Supportive mothers in the wild
Rhino Crossing
Bubba moves mountains to get his bride to the alter in time
Redneck Wedding Limo
HP Printer Cartridge jam? Must be a mouse-stake
Paper Jam or Mouse Jam?
Always looking at the wrong end of things?
Nobody Is Above Suspicion At Customs
How to restore falling buildings with a photo op
Tower of Pisa Restorer
Our lifetime, passed from bottle to bottle
4 Stages Of Life
And you thought you were having a bad day...
Portable Shower
Happy Thanksgiving - let's talk turkey
'Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving
Where Paris Hilton doesn't go for meditation
Daily Inspiration
Bubba's favourite 'Hostess' at wedding receptions
Redneck Wedding Cake
Emperor's Clothes for Bridge Builders
Amazing Un-Bridge
Falling inspiration 4U
Waterfall Moment
Bubba sets an example as chair-man of the bored!
Chair Skiing - Redneck Water Sport
Blondes know all the angles!
Blonde Geometry Student
Comes with a 1 horsemobile engine and plenty of fertilizer
Thailand Model Truck - With Air Conditioner
Sighting in your expensive new deer rifle
New Deer Rifle
First case of Bird Flu reported in Florida
Florida Bird Flu
A pain-full new trend
Body Bodice - Double OUCH!!!
Biggest Pirate of all Topps them all
Barry Bonds Rookie Card
Getting the point across, these chicks are cool, man!
Ghetto Chicks
Fireplace ready for Bubba's holiday fires
Redneck Fireplace
Security system for your car in Hotlanta
Redneck Car Alarm
High gas prices got you down?
New Fuel Gauge for 2006 Vehicles
When your well runs dry, go see a Dentist
Texas Wildcat Dentist
Bubba's computer survival guide
Technology For Country Folk
Redneck Christmas crafts - gingerbread fer the whole family!
Redneck Gingerbread House
What happens when you make pet snowballs
Almost Perfect Snowball
Looking for a pumpkin? This farmer's market's 4U!
Pumpkin Patch Market
What's important in a Brinks armoured vehicle in 2005
2005 Brinks Robbery
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