Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1526

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Remembering faithful war dogs
Fallen Friend
'Pigging Out On The Farm' by Al Falfa
Crop Pig
How to protect your rear flank
Russian Guard Dogs
Where marathon online computer games take place
Throne Games
Hanging out with the hangers
Laundry Kitten
Looking cool on the job site
Coolie Hat Helmet
What happens when eagles leave their nest
Elephant Nest
Leader of the pack
Spotter Dog
Designer bed toppings for kids
Chocolate Bed
An alternative to expensive signage preceeding an intersection
Traffic Hourglass
These boots are fang-tastic!
Dragon Boots
Cooling off during the dog days of summer
Shower Dog
Daylight Savings Time - Fall Behind or Leaf Ahead?
Autumn Illusion
Turning over a new leaf
Autumn Turnover
Dog backpack carriers for the man on the go
Doggie Bag
Training wheels for your high octane child
Daddy, Can I Drive?
When a plastic bag can be used as an umbrella
Motorcycle Rain Gear
Operating system that's a real 'pane'
FireFox vs. Windows
For those with big thirsts
XL Cup of Tea
Latest in cemetery 'Layaway Specials' - good to the last byte!
Geek Gravestone
The real reason why it takes men hours to clean the house
USB Vacuum Cleaner
Problems with periods? No problem for men!
Happy Periods
Lego offers new house construction blocks
Lego Brick
Looking for somebody to share coffee with?
Spill Proof Cup
New sport in Amsterdam
Bike Vaulting
How to spread word about your balanced diet
Balanced Food Delivery
Welcome to Bubba's B&B (Burnt Breakfast)
Redneck Water Heater
Some days you just can't seem to catch up on anything...
Bike Chaser
Lights out by Flash PacMan
PacMan Lights
Making boat lovers feel well grounded
Boat Tram
Flash USB for greedy computers
Piglet Hubs
The obese bathroom is under construction
Slim People Bathroom
Bubba's holster gets wet with excessive walking
Cowboy Baby Carrier
When you know it's time to shut down the computer
'Time To Quit' Friend
Bubba's Redneck digital watch is way ahead of its time
Digital Analog Clock
Enjoying a cheap Staycation at home - especially popular in 2020
Holiday Office
New security concerns for small items at S’Canada customs
Baby Scan
Make sure your truck has all the bells and whistles!
Amplified Truck
Pedestrian overpass or underpass?
Underneath or On Top Car?
Friendship at the owl rehab center
Making Faces
Bike hawg turns into lane hawg with Harley's Goliath bike
Goliath Hawg
Vintage motorcycles with class
1930 Art Deco Henderson Streamliner
Making fun of a little one's owie
Bandage Art
Building support during tough economic times
Lego Restoration
Are your participles dangling when reaching for the TP?
Long Reach Shower TP
Jethro's new bodybuilding supplement
Redneck Muscles
Increasing fuel economy on your trip to work
Saving Gas
Tree-mendous transportation for a patient motorcyclist
Ingrown Motorcycle
Fine dining for a computer geek
Tools Bubba makes when he gets hammer-ed
Redneck Electrical Hammer
Bird paradise with many entrances and many exits
Aviary Apartments
Custom steering wheel for boat captains on the road
Seaworthy Car
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