Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1526

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Guitar for sail - never miss another music chord!
Windmill Guitar
When it's time to ketchup on the fruit of the vine
Tomato IV
Watts You See is Watts You Get
Ukrainian Power Adaptor
How Bubba fell head over heals for his favourite mare
Revenge of the Stallion
What pet would you like to keep a-head of?
Rat Cut
Shamus blazes a new trail in the Newfoundland outback
Newfie Swimming Pool
PVC specialists guarantee seemless delivery
Redneck Plumbers
Going crackers on the kitchen table
Someone Stole A Cracker
Bubba's open air jacuzzi
Redneck Adjustable Shower
Finding romance in a Bollywood film
Adhesive Shade
The real leaders of the pack!
Dog Marathon
An Apple a day keeps the servers at play
Lunch Apple
Watts with this guy?
Socket To Me
Bubba likes his beer strong
Redneck Post Support
Boy's toys never change
Nintendo Motor
Ever had a day when the kids don't demand your attention?
Baby Juggling
A Ukraine Christmas starts with all the toppings
Redneck Christmas Tree Transport
Bubba knows how to protect his butt on cold days
Redneck Outhouse Throne
The Joe-kster in his early years
Young Superman
Stay calm, beer is here
How to leave notes for your successor at work
Post-it Succession Planning
Why you might want to give your work equipment a rest
Tired Backhoe
Things couldn't be better back on the homestead
Amish Friends
Next best thing to being at the beach
Shell Sink
Egyptian mummies never had it so good
At Home Grave
Horsing around on the farm
Carrot Tug-Of-War
Heads up re the latest financial woes
Dollar Drop
Through the courtyard looking glass
Snow Glasses
Staying on the top side of wet
Water Walkers - Part II
Making light of your backup power supply
Some chickens lay down very big eggs
Super Hen
Who turned the lights out?
Power Outage
Cyclist prepared for any water hazards
Big Bike
Public schools are hard to get into in India
India School Bus
How not to cook a pizza
Pizza Melt
Feeling in a 'chair-itable' mood?
Arm Chair
Kids prefer bottom down management
Bucket Bath
Scenery on a roll - slip sliding away
Cliff Walks
What girl doesn't like a little bit of glam in her life?
Swiss Nail Art
Finding reusable space in the park
Lever Tables
Staying on top of things
Balanced Writer
Imagination - only a bubble away
Drain Slide Bubbles
Putting a face on your sewing ability
Head Buttons
Vote of Non Confidence from the driver training instructor
New Driver Training
Personal bowl of milk for the cat
Cat Bowls
Lots 'o Pots - Gardening Heaven to some...
Flower Pot Garden
How not to cure foot pain
Fractured Foot or Hand?
She's in it for the long haul
Log Haulers
Taking stretch exercises to an outer limit
Mr. Flexible
Tips for those who are singing the wrong tune
Like This
Little Johnny wasn't little enough for this swingset
Toddler's Swing
How to add more horsepower to your engine
Need More Horsepower?
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