Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1526

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This car looks forward to hitchhikers
Hungry Car
Jenny liked playing her music on the road
Snow Music
World's first 'Heavy Metal' orchestra
Musical Forks
Bubba's cheap winter transportation
Snow Mobile
Latest in adrenal glandular tissues for stress relief
Anti-Stress Tissues
Reaching out on a different plane
On Top Of or Next To?
Where NASCAR revs their office engines
Sports Car Office Table
Bubba's creative cooking classes
Redneck Spatula
Putting the boot to the Denver Boot
You Can Keep It
Making light of a perfect day
How Sunset Is Made
China's version of 'David vs. Goliath' in the real estate market
Survivor House
Cut and paste yourself
Real Life Photoshop
It's back to school for the kids after the holidays!
Mexican School Bus
For tennis players on a fast court break
Student Food Strainer
Finding the 'keys' to a successful, long relationship
Piano Ring
Bubba's 'Wooden GPS System' - wooden you like one!
Redneck GPS
Gathering around one's common enemy
Snake Circle
Straw draw - good to the last drop
The only thing this Rent-a-Cop needs for undercover work is a blanket
Hard Working Cop
Jeroen prepares for the Holland Cowlympics
Dutch Cowboy
Longshoremen in India know how to tow the line
Ship Tow
What Sumo wrestlers order at this restaurant
One Sushi Is Enough
Baby's first outlook on life
Baby Peephole
Can you resist an inviting sign?
Rocky Orders
Making room for the fitness equipment
Low Ceiling Workout
How to add holes to your clothing
Gaping Hole Costume
Calcutta driving lessons with a nice-name company
Glamour Training
When looking for the obvious may not be so obvious
I'm Here!
One man's junk is another's Picasso
Junkyard Art
Dyslexic T-Shirt
Teople Poo
For days when you can't just sweep it under the carpet
Maid Dust
Snow weather for a cow
Cow Camouflage
Cat nap on the go
Sleeve Cat
World Cup players prepare for rainy day games
Flipper Soccer
Bearded wonders of the world in hair-raising performance
World Moustache Competition
Finding the smartest way to fly
Flight Change
How not to replace windshield wiper blades
Windscreen Spoon
A place where something almost happened
On This Site in 1897
JCB Drivers are in 'high' demand - they choose their own form of 'down' payment!
Digging One's Own Grave
Now you see it, soon you won't
Ice Hand
Acupuncture couch for deflated egos
Couch Ouch
When Dad knee-ds to work on the computer
Baby Sitting
Close Friendship or a Split Personality?
Split Personality
Doorknob for the world's most heartwarming family
Welcome Doorknob
Police line up in uniform position
Work Uniforms
When you can't find your black diamonds
Pac-Man Rings
Frozen dessert for a wet day
Maxi Boot Sorbet
Well, there's always next year...
Ongoing New Year's Resolutions
Carefree attitude for the New Year
No Worries This Year
Diving into the New Year
Polar Bear Swim
The New Year is in full gear
Champagne Stick Shift
Snuggled up on a cold winter day
Tree Hugger
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