Idske Mulder Submissions
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Poor cable connection? Put your mouse on a data diet!
High Fiber Diet
Going the wong way in Asian traffic
Wong Motor Home
Walk Up Portraits are a specialty in this studio
Stepping Up In The World
Cut out the middleman - buy your clothes 'on line'
Catalogue Shopping
Cube Farm for Year-Round Productivity
Working Round The Clock
Are you misplacing the horse in your horsepower?
Jockey Dementia
Learning first hand how to dish it out at work
Face Protector
A new type of watered down sport!
Water Bowling
Chief Half Disk with Part Ram
Chief of the Computer Indians
When you stay away from the beach too long...
Beach Foreclosure
High, my name's Cliff. Drop over some time!
Mountain Road
How to get swine flu
Hygiene On The Farm
How to grow Apples in your garden
Computer Garden
Why attract ALL the bugs this summer when you only need 1 big one!
Bug Backpack
Airstream campers can now fly anywhere in the world!
Plane Camper
Holland's tulip gift to Canada
Tulip Fields of Holland
Self-design dress - sophisticated & fits all 'pour' women!
Pour Woman's Dress
Flexible holiday plans - when there's no room in the car
Portable Playpen
We've got no end of Cat-astrophic humour @!
Joe-kster's Cat
Binford Tools' new line of Dental products
Modern Dentistry - Painful but Fast
Leave your cat alone to play with itself forever!
Cat Flap - a Toast For Your Cat
Looking for a nice playground to take your kids to?
Pooped Out Playground
Always trying to claw your way out of debt?
Spider Car with Escape Claws & Bucket Seats
Humour for night owls
Scented Owl
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