Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1530

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Watt do you think he's looking for?
Lamp Escape
Pasta so strong, you can't let it go
Strong Straws
Breathless but not Breadless
When you gotta go, go low
I Think I'll Hold It
Snow weather for a cow
Cow Camouflage
Ever lost your car keys and wondered where they went?
What would you do with a used cow?
Used Cows For Sale
Something not seen in a Kosher butcher shop
Stylish Butcher
Rubik's Cube is a Piece of Cake!
Rubik's Cube Puzzle-Meant
The football stadium was almost empty
Stowaway Soccer Fan
Putting the cart before the horse
Shopping Bike
For tennis players on a fast court break
Student Food Strainer
Shooting a 10-pin knockout
Dentist Bowling
Preparing for a big sushi dinner in Japan
Shark Steaks
Cafe MMA for Martial Arts purists
Bruce Lee Coffee
Searching for the best gymnastic floor routine?
Calculated Jump
Cooling off your laptop during a hot class
Laptop Cooler
Wait Lifting - 'When I grow up I'm gonna be a strong man'
Big Ambitions
Always have time for one more book
Overloaded Bookshop
A beer light years ahead of its competition
Heineken Meets Star Wars
You'll never have to play second fiddle to anyone else again!
Third Fiddle
Little Johnny finds himself in the dog house again
I Want My Own Room
Inside job required for facial makeup
Lip Gloss
Special treat for the dog
Sidecar show in the country
Just Like Grandpa
Some days it seems like nothing gets past the goalie
Big Wall
Puzzling floor system
Escher Floor
Hopefully tastier than advertised
Irish Beef
Brilliant 21st Century chess move
3D Chess
What's been eating you lately?
Self Hunger
Van-tastic camping trip with the whole family
Family Tent
Baby's first outlook on life
Baby Peephole
She Tree or He Tree? Illusion of the year
Ultimate Camouflage
Pedestrian with the light idea
Got An Idea
Feeling in a 'chair-itable' mood?
Arm Chair
Chariot rider in the Wild West
Horse Hairstyle
How not to replace windshield wiper blades
Windscreen Spoon
Marco Polo really did find a shortcut to China!
Road Shortcut
How to find a dream date to take to the prom
Dates For Everyone
Redneck dessert: real meat on real pie
Meat Pie
There's a solution for every problem
Quick Rubik's Cube
When time goes out the window
Window Sundial
Things couldn't be better back on the homestead
Amish Friends
Wait un-tile it's your turn!
Domino Crossing
Lettuce pray for what we are about to receive
Lettuce Face
Taking a bite out of the high cost of driving
Dental Car
Bubba's breakfast-in-a-bag
Donut Seeds
World's first pill-ager
Pill Man
Weight a minute!
Bus Wait Weight
When life becomes a real drain
It Should Start
I hope this kingfisher isn't hungry!
Last Gasp Request
When you don't know what you did wrong
Flower Shop For Men
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