Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1530

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Choosing a tree that won't scratch your car paint
Baby Christmas Tree
Now Bubba can keep track of how many days 'til Christmas
Redneck Advent Calendar
Keeping your face warm all winter
Face Heater
Preferred angler sunscreen lotion in Africa
Fish Hat
Snow removal on the East Coast
Ready To Leave
Bubba is prepared for any motorcycle repair
Wrench Wheel
Bubba's Subaru isn't snowbound any more
RC cars for beach walkers
Remote Control Sleigh
Creating tourists during a slow European winter holiday
Snowman Invasion
Now you see it, soon you won't
Ice Hand
Just the right moment, where timing is everything
Ant Attack
Catching radar before radar catches you
Spotted Spotters
Bubba's cruise ship comes with a deluxe bathroom
Redneck Holiday
Building block buildings
Tetris Construction
Spider-man meets his web-match
Spider Girl
'Hawgs and Kisses' bike for the ladies
Winterized Motorcycle
Owl Beauty Parlour - the secret behind waterproof facials
Hooters Face Mask
Stepping up in the world...
Steep Steps
Plantoxide - the latest in Wong Air environmental technology
Fresh Air Mask
VW's new nautical steering wheel
Road Pirate
Baby's 1st Fly
What's That?
The real reason why it takes men hours to clean the house
USB Vacuum Cleaner
China's hole-iest bridge
Ventilated Bridge
Better not monkey around with electricity!
Monkeying Around
Fir-get those old rubber tires - it's time to spruce'n up your drive!
Winter Tires
Latest in cemetery 'Layaway Specials' - good to the last byte!
Geek Gravestone
Preparing for the Queen's Christmas Day speech
Pond hockey with a weak goal line crease
Ice Hockey Meltdown
Hairstyle inspired by Nikola Tesla
Beard Fashion
Wet Wok for Chinese Chairmen
Flood Bridge
Sandal footprints
Leaving A Good Impression
Joining together to reach the Christmas treetop
Family Effort
For those with big thirsts
XL Cup of Tea
European freeze leaves drivers snowbound
Found It!
Looking for an unnatural Christmas tree?
Low Budget Tree
Water resistant shoes on downward trend
Swan Heels
Operating system that's a real 'pane'
FireFox vs. Windows
Bubba's friend shows off new iPad cooking app
Redneck iPad
Hypothermia 101 for the dubm-erererest
All Weather Runner
Froget me not!
Frog Waltz
Cat in the act!
Jarred Cat
Earl Grey's new underwater bag
Submarine Tea
Not looking in rear view mirror leads to early lunch
Always Use Your Mirrors
Some decisions can't be put on hold
Important Phone Call
Tight fit car parking in Europe
Exactly Enough Space
When a plastic bag can be used as an umbrella
Motorcycle Rain Gear
Training wheels for your high octane child
Daddy, Can I Drive?
Dog backpack carriers for the man on the go
Doggie Bag
Now everyone has the best seat in the house to watch TV
High Rise TV
How to prevent your computer from overheating
Water Coolant
Wall done, Lego!
Lego Wall Repair
Some playground equipment didn't pass safety inspection
Playground Mistakes
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