Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1526

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There's no place like gnome to watch World Cup football
Garden Gnome Soccer
Run your next marathon one byte at a time
Keyboard Shoes
What a bird would see if it wasn't looking at you
Birds Eye View
You can never carry enough food back for the young ones
Puffin Flight
Even elephants are having a ball at the World Cup!
World Cup Elephant
VW's new nautical steering wheel
Road Pirate
Finland's substitute for cattle
Car Moochanic
Determination along the way to the podium
Olympic Preparations
Wet look in new bedding supplies
Real Waterbed
Hairstyle inspired by Nikola Tesla
Beard Fashion
Wet Wok for Chinese Chairmen
Flood Bridge
Keeping your face warm all winter
Face Heater
Fir-get those old rubber tires - it's time to spruce'n up your drive!
Winter Tires
Owl Beauty Parlour - the secret behind waterproof facials
Hooters Face Mask
Stepping up in the world...
Steep Steps
'Hawgs and Kisses' bike for the ladies
Winterized Motorcycle
Catching radar before radar catches you
Spotted Spotters
Snow removal on the East Coast
Ready To Leave
Winter snow sculpture in Europe
Car Igloo
Some dog beds are not to be shared
That's My Bed
Life at home too boar-ing for you?
Pet Pig
Tokyo government officials misplace snow removal equipment
Snowmen Protest
Break-through in tree technology opens way to other side
Walking Tree
Bubba's bathroom home entertainment system
Sometimes you're the Swallower and sometimes you're the Swallowee
Swallow Swallow
Which one uses the brightest toothpaste?
Nature Calls
SmartPhone sales flying high in Philadelphia
Smart Phone Statue
Fontastic illusion in the typesetting process
Page Escape
Lighting a-head of its time
Brain Lamp
Where not to drink on a cold winter day
Ice Fountain
When the stork becomes outdated
Baby Delivery
Cycling tours Down Under
Australian Biker
Don't let dentures get in the way of your wrinkles!
Can You Bite Your Nose?
Unique hairstyle idea for web hair
Spider Hair
Bic's new pen refills
Pen Utensils
Jethro and Bubba enjoy recess break in the school playground
Redneck See Saw
Penny-farthing bicycle for three
Family Pram Bike
Bubba's hunting dog prefers sticks to ducks
Fetch Stick
Turning your mini iPad into a swinging app
Musical Rocking Chair
Fish fresh caught but frozen?
Frozen Fish
Can you find Little Johnny's real dog?
Twin Dogs
As a baby, the Joe-kster couldn't control his online demand
Baby Chat
Going out on  a limb to make a clean job of it
Window Cleaning On The Edge
Some people are easy to identify by their footprints
25 Toes
What's bugging you?
Wet Insect
Days when Jethro is easier to handle than the poodle
Walking The Dog
Newest Olympic watersport
Bobslide Event
Cross country ski lessons from barn to barn
Cow Skiing
Put a sock in it!
No More Arguing
A faster way to get to your next office coffee break
Multi-Pour Coffee Pot
Metal clad barbecue pit for the Year of the Dragon
Chinese BBQ
Motorcycle designed for a candy striper
Sweet Chopper
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