Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1532

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How to downsize your spouse
Looking Small
Downsizing without a mortgage
Home In A Box
'Come a little closer and I'll answer your question'
I Have A Question
Making do in a Russian apartment complex
Dusty Playground
I've been framed!
Best Bike Lock
The winner doesn't feel the splinters
Redneck Foosball
The secret behind hairless cat breeds
Inside Out Cat
Batman searches for bad guys in the Middle Ages
Medieval Batman
Cord-ial way to wrap up your light craft project
Extension Cord Lamp
Putting bounce into a hotel lobby
Roller Coaster Escalator
Some days it's hard to get on the scale
Weight Wait
When you gotta go, make his room her room
For Women in a Hurry
If Julius Caesar designed motorcycles
Is he separated from his Herd, Leash or Mob?
Deer Fence
World-First 1 horsepower, carrot-dangling car
One Horsepower Car
Last one on the bus gets air conditioning
Overflow Seating
Computer with a 'short' memory
'USB Device Not Recognized'
Fence art for hidden obstacles
Stealth Graffiti
Skyscraper design to complement rainy days
Wet Chicago Building
What birds are doing to prevent themselves from getting the Bird Flu
Bird Flu Prevention
Latest in discontinued playground equipment
Highway Slide
Be stair-full where you exercise this year
Slimming Staircase
The place for you after a rainy day
Rolling Bench
Taking a spin around the office floorway
Circle Bike
Ordering interesting Thai food combos
Safe Food
Hiding in plain view
Where Is He?
Houdini plans comeback in huge goldfish bowl
Fish Booth
Reading friends from afar
Mail Bonding
Finding a parking space when there isn't one
Very Smart Car
How to securely 'lock' your files
USB Protection
Deady Australian Beer Viper
Thirsty Snake
The family that plays together stays together
Family Music
Feeling warm on a cold day
Warm Bus Stop
One last message to your ex
Welcome Home
Prawntastic food design
Sushi Motorcycle
Finding peace and quiet from family noise
Grandma Not Welcome
Some people like to instantly wake up in the morning
Wake Up Alarm
Why Bubba has a perfect record for cleaning dishes
Redneck Dishwasher
Motorcycle safety for swarming intersections
Bee Helmet
Deckside pool with out-standing view
Pool Apartments
Who uses the most toilet paper in your house?
Why We're Always Out of TP
Table salt: inspiration for space venture
Bored During Dinner
Going Green is now an integral part of life
Hair Plants
Premium emergency assistance for English golfers
Ambulance Caddy
And now for something incredibly pointless
Reading Talent
Free Willy checks out of Seaworld
Light fixtures with a high beat
Drum Kit Chandelier
Skating around the tentacles
Octopus Skateboarding
When soothers and bottled milk just aren't enough
Found The Food
Pavement games in the slow lane
Men At Work
When old technology meets new
Mouse Trap
A ring meant to tie one to another
Love Not Knot
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