Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1530

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Holstein Heating - latest in farm lighting
Cow Light
Better chop your own tree
Tree Stump Table
Another breathtaking view by Afterthought Construction
Hotel Annex
VW Beetles now available in designer insect models
Beetle's Beetle
Looking for a weld-done truck?
Home Made Limo
Some older children like to speed up their Merry Go Round ride
Merry Go Motorbike
Bubba deserves only the best on his wedding day
Redneck Engagement Ring
Portable MP3 pet watering system
One can always make time to swing with a best friend
Friends Swing Together
Creating a warmer environment
Robot Hood
Supplying your own motorized transport
Biggest Fan On The Block
Fashion statement for the Royal Guard
Ready For Rabbits
How to prevent your computer from overheating
Water Coolant
When workplace sanity is necessary to keep a woman's sanity
Women's Outhouse
Champagne tastes on a beer belly budget
Hummer Carriage
Cleaning up new operating systems
Computer Detergent
Bat-e aerodynamics in the classroom
Batman Equation
Has your Holy Bible turned into a Hole-y Bible?
Moldy Bible
Earl Grey's new underwater bag
Submarine Tea
Preferred angler sunscreen lotion in Africa
Fish Hat
Water resistant shoes on downward trend
Swan Heels
Building block buildings
Tetris Construction
Baby's 1st Fly
What's That?
Bubba's friend shows off new iPad cooking app
Redneck iPad
China's hole-iest bridge
Ventilated Bridge
Better not monkey around with electricity!
Monkeying Around
Now everyone has the best seat in the house to watch TV
High Rise TV
Cat in the act!
Jarred Cat
Froget me not!
Frog Waltz
Not looking in rear view mirror leads to early lunch
Always Use Your Mirrors
Bubba is prepared for any motorcycle repair
Wrench Wheel
Tight fit car parking in Europe
Exactly Enough Space
Some decisions can't be put on hold
Important Phone Call
Edible cups leave no trace behind
Cup Cookie
Learning the trade at a young age
Young Mechanic Apprentice
Rescue of the Japanese style hot dog
Save The Hot Dog
Finding true sock-sess in fashion clothing
Sock Sandals
Finding the easiest way to the shopping mall
For Lazy Shoppers
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Bird Plane
Chinese food for people not on a diet
Chinese Take Away
Looking for jeep sushi? Available only in Canada, eh!
Sushi To Go
Cutting the cord - looking forward to wireless charging
Museum Charge
Latest in cheap designer clothing
Snake Wrap Dress
Shopping for Baby's Baby - Real Pregnancy Action
Teaching Nonsense
Medical breakthrough for saving speech
Sling Signs
Kids are even more special on Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
To those who miss their mother on Mother's Day
To Mother
Making do without a computer at school
Latino Laptop
Carrying a new, improved version of yourself
Beauty Bag
Why crime is decreasing Down Under
Aussie Car Alarm
How to downsize your spouse
Looking Small
Downsizing without a mortgage
Home In A Box
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