Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1527

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Fruit art in Thailand
Buddha Pear
Signs that the oasis might be closed
No Swimming
When it became cool to wear fur again
Wear Fur Without Killing Animals
Sandals with a message
Follow Me Sandals
A helping hand between good friends
Water Break
Signs of Touch-and-Go flight training
Low Flying Aircraft
Food habits of high-range mountain goats
Goat Dining
Graffiti tree cut down for lack of shelter
Sorry Tree
Latest in adrenal glandular tissues for stress relief
Anti-Stress Tissues
For male flies who don't take directions
That Way
No more missed calls on the rings
Cell Phone Athlete
Old fashioned entertainment for the nerd in the crowd
Nothing Can Compete With A Good Book
Where managers serenely pond-er their next move
Pond Management
Alarming car invitation on a hot African day
Africa Car Security
Cat nibbling in the early hours
Breakfast In Bed
When going the high-way is quicker than taking the stairs
Hazardous Delivery
Taking a load off your mind in the office
Time Management
On the cutting edge of digital produce scales
Cut Weight
How to spice up a boring class
Lecture Meal
He's in charge of the No-Fly zone
Lethal Weapon
The tail end of an excellent fish diet
All Mine
Newest model Ukrainian work truck - Bubba's envious!
Ukrainian Model T
Fashion shoes for the paws-itive shoppers
Dog Heels
Sinus protection for the gorilla your dreams
Nose Thrills
Some pianists play watered-down music
Piano Fountain
Bubba's Bump Bandaid
Next best thing to getting it fixed properly
Broken Window Repair
Where bus tourists in Iraq meet to discuss parting of ways
Iraq Bus Stop
One-step inspiration for a child
Joined Workout
My home may be small but it's cozy
Cozy Home
Baseball reaches to lower levels
Low Expectation Autographs
His bark tries to reach his bite
Frost Bite
St. Patrick's Day - Celebrating the Green
Green Beards
Cat in the act
What Bird?
How Jethro kept ahead of all the other fishermen at the fishing derby
Fish Head
Scenery for a Type A Personality
Get Organized
When a duck takes a ferry crossing
Sailing Duck
Lend a helping ATM to the poor
Credit Card Donations
The Life of Pi for a mathematician
2 Pi Watch
Monk Desktop with crumb-e keys and whole wheat DVD
Computer Bread
Rubik's K.I.S.S. Cube for Newfies & Rednecks
Rubik's 1st Cube
When monkeys go bad
I Want It All
Parents - they can be so demanding
Attention Span
Jethro doesn't like those fancy digital hearing aids
Antique Earplug
Honey, did you empty my pockets before doing the laundry?
Pocket Book
Some Dutch road signs need no translation
Dead End Road
World Moustache Photographer
Photographic Moustache
Ask your pharmacist about the new piglet size disposable diapers
Some People Raise Children
Waterfront Wireless Computing with big screen river display
Keyboard in the Park
Jethro-fit models plug right into your engine block!
Ukrainian Air Conditioning
Mini car with max head room
One Size Fits All
Wimbledon speeds up tennis ball retrieval
New Ball Boy
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