Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1522

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When you don't know what you did wrong
Flower Shop For Men
Heavy equipment takes its toll on the economy
Tank Top Security
Net Profit as one's biggest racket
Tennis Hammock
Someone not well safety train-ed
Fare Dodger
Ole shared everything with his wife - even his work
Husband of the Year
Pet step towards a miss-step
Shoe Stop
Nature's graffiti
Circle Of Life
Bubba's pure-bread dog
Bread Slice
Edible handles also available upon request
Take Away Food
New art in Da Hood
Creative Vandalism
Tips for those who are singing the wrong tune
Like This
What it's really like to be the underdog
Tracking down the origin of cat milk suppliers
Cat Milk
Don't fret your next Swimming pool chord
Guitar Pool
How reptiles climb the ladder of life
Stealth Snake
Baby pictures where timing is everything
Just Thinking
Where they keep the bad kids
Juvenile Storage
Counting down the days left to delivery
9 Month Scale
What do you get when a frog swims in vinegar?
Instead of hiding your electrical receptacles behind furniture...
Outlet Wall
Joe's fans said, 'Go, Joe, Go!' (so he did...)
Joe in Mexico
Discipline is for the birds
Serengeti Suntan on your own private beach
On Holidays
Start your week off with an emoticon facelift
Put On A Happy Face
Why stepchild adoption is for the birds
Step Child
Stiff competition for the Johnny On The Pot
When You Gotta Go
Latest airline cutback - the helium diet
Air Meal
For those who dune know where to go in the desert
Desert Skiing
Scenery on a roll - slip sliding away
Cliff Walks
How to get rid of excess change
No Time For Stamps
The world's first watch didn't need batteries
1st Rolex
Public schools are hard to get into in India
India School Bus
Putting things in perspective
Fish View
Sitting down with the classics
Reading Chair
Going ape at the zoo
Captive Audience
Mr. Fix-It in his early years, fine tuning his bike-to-be
Young Mechanic
Gathering around a circle of friends
Foot Circle
Allusion to Illusion
Stealth Woman
When I grow up, I'm gonna be a Snowbird pilot
Pilot Bike
Why Australia is called the 'Land Down Under'
Cautious Australia
Latest in 'feet feat' fashion - one size feets all
This flight's for the birds
Goose Flight
How to clean dishes on a holiday
Dish Dryer
Imagine the potential - fit yourself into this Real Estate
Puzzle Ad
Voted crumb-iest dress of the year
Bread Dress
How not to cure foot pain
Fractured Foot or Hand?
This yolk's on you!
Friends forever stick together
Almost Done
Watts with this guy?
Socket To Me
How to store electricity for future generations
Electricity Storage
How female companies work - it's not just in your head!
PMS Center
Sure could use this pair of dice in Vegas
Illusive Dice
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