Howard Chapman Submissions
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An Aussie politician putting his best foot forwards
Skateboard Statue
Inspiring walnut bathroom vanities
Bathtub Opulence
James Bond's country cottage
Garage Facade
Making it easier for you to win the big jackpot
Lottery Chances
Special days for felines
Backyard picnic table inspires bacon craving
Bacon BBQ Table
Some Irish dogs don't prefer Irish green
St. Patrick's Dog
The #1 protein meal for hungry cannibals
Bacon Head
Greeting the latest snowfall at the front door
Snow Door
Warm Christmas Greetings from the Australian Outback
Tumbleweed Snowman
Touring the Aussie Outback in style
VW Camper
Toilet paper orientation for an engineer
The Great Debate: Toilet Paper Etiquette
Dark Smart Car rises in Gotham City
Batman Recession
Feeling shy, Little Johnny backed up to the camera
Little Johnny's First School Picture
Leading a life of spotted leisure
Dog Snore
How to put a movie theater in your home on the cheap
Redneck Home Cinema
Nothing tastes better than a bowl of Fido every day
Dog Recipe
What not to include in a kosher meal
Chanukah Special
Who will be the first to strike fear within
Destruction of America
Consequence of a passionate night out
Ostrich Passion
Taking a load off your mind in style
Pottie Couch
Dancing to 'country' music
Owl Dance
Bubba's built in wine cooler is really cool
Redneck Wine Dispenser
Making it clear who should not be operating this machine
Aussie Safety Sign
Alleviate the pain, burning, and soreness associated with hemorrhoids
Preparation H (Internet Version)
Tips on fighting your next speeding ticket
Traffic Camera
Waiting in line again?
Hold It Bathroom
Pope Francis chooses Woody Allen as his double
Pope Woody
Inspiration from the Vati'can'
If I Could Do It, So Can You!
Stopping behind an upside down driver
BLONDE License Plate
Was that text that important?
Fatal Text Message
The secret of marketing: strong brand names
Breast Munchies
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