Howard Chapman Submissions
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An Aussie's favourite soup recipe
Soup Of The Day
Latest in teenager footwear - high heel running shoes
Teen Shoe
Backyard dining for a wine connoisseur
Wine Glass Chair
How to keep people away from the site
Do Not Touch Sign
Proof of miracles in the 21st Century
Jesus Was Here
When spray-on suntan machines were popular
Sun Tan Sales
How to cut corners on a bathroom design
Tight Fit
The art of uncooking in Australia
Aussie Salad
A good computing day is an error-free day
Double Error Message
Stare-down of the real subway heroes
Things Just Got Real
Viewing the twists and turns of Nelson Mandela's life
Mandela Perspective
Sleep time is spider time
Shoe Thrown Memory
Sticky clock latest gizmo to 'fly' off the shelves
Time Flies
Inspiration for toasted crumpet condiments
Culinary Breakthrough
OCD Nightmare
Leaning Straight
Watch out for strange Aussie crosswalks
Drone Crossing
Prince William visits New Zealand natives
Prince Bag
Cookbook for a bachelor's kitchen
Cooking For Guys
What computer keyboards and astronauts have in common
Where Astronauts Hang Out
An Aussie's opinion of French wine
French Red Wine
Break it in before it breaks you
Horse Never Ridden
How Australians save money on expensive security alarm systems
Guard Roos
Deciphering your Doctor's lockout prescription
Doctors' Strike
Novelty wine holder lets Bubba shake hands with everyone
Wine Glass Lanyard
Treat yourself to embedded hazelnut chocolates
Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes
Bubba's favourite place to park his brewskie
Beer Belt Buckle
There are 3.14159 apples in an Apple Pi
Edible Pi
According to Albert Einstein, pie are squared
Apple Pi
What are you proficient with?
Child Instrument
How Star Wars characters move around the Galaxy
Darth Vader Cool
Aussies lead the world in Down Under humour
Happy Australia Day
Assemble in just one afternoon
Rickety Greenhouse
How my wife and I differ on home design plans
Home Library
Birds of prey - synergy in motion
Mid Flight Owl
Hot air balloon rides for those who give a hoot
Owl Balloon
Who's inside your house?
Owl Pottery
Finding a niche in Left-Handed products
Left Handed Cup
Ask Gary Burghoff to help fight your next speeding ticket
Radar Speed Check
Batman's tractor turns up Down Under
Aussie Batman
Wilbur wanted to tie one on
Bacon Tie
For those who prefer fish products floating in their wine
Salmon Wine
Criminals - have you considered Chicago or Illinois?
Indiana Security
Camping for motorcycle hawgs
Bike Trailer
I'll take two of them!
October Madness
Drinking a bacon obsession
Bacon Soda Sales
Talented engineer flush with new ideas
No-Restroom-Break Scooter
When malt or grain is good enough for the scotch
Whiskey Silly
What 'passes' for art in California
Bad Dog Sculpture
Giving an astronaut a pie in the face
Houston, We Have A Problem
Herro - here is Chinese script for Robert E. Lee
Lobert Ree
Tarantula Chronicles Episode 2
Bathroom Surprise
Muriel couldn't handle any more than two pints with her pub lunch
Scooter Down
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