Howard Chapman Submissions
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Doing wheelies at the Senior's Grand Prix event
Scooter Races
Finally - a wine glass that fits my needs!
Aussie Wine Glass
How Star Wars characters move around the Galaxy
Darth Vader Cool
Touring the Aussie Outback in style
VW Camper
Cooling off after another hot flash
Menopause Sucks
Thinking Down Under
Australia is OK
The art of uncooking in Australia
Aussie Salad
Should you eat that bacon?
Bacon Flowchart
Gathering around Dad to hear a pup-ular story
Dog Fairy Tales
Winning the beverage brand wars
Pepsi Well Played
Early financial lessons that are hard to swallow
Child Tax Lesson
How to overcome laziness
Symptoms of Laziness
Trying to get out of style
Straightjacket Fashion
Last resort if they can't make you look good
Ugly Haircut
What are you proficient with?
Child Instrument
An Aussie's opinion of French wine
French Red Wine
How to start a stubborn morning
Aussie Starter Fluid
Mom's secret recipe for flatulent dessert
Laxative Cream Pie
Sticky clock latest gizmo to 'fly' off the shelves
Time Flies
or 'How To Make A Blonde Pirate Patch'
How To Become A Pirate
While Mom's away the baby will play
Join Me For A Swim
When girls do their nails
Nail Polish for Dogs
Not meant for apartments
Giraffe Pet
Fore-warned on the golf course
Golf Emergency
For those who prefer fish products floating in their wine
Salmon Wine
Lose 3 days in 1 week
Vodka Diet
Making sense of confusing English terminology
Captain Literate
A day without smiling is a wasted day
Special Touch
Putting on either a front or side view to start your day
Morning Face
Viewing the twists and turns of Nelson Mandela's life
Mandela Perspective
Voice-Over-IP communication in Russia
Ukraine Skype
Odor control for embarrassing situations
Deodorized Pads
Drinking a bacon obsession
Bacon Soda Sales
Building a strong relationship one pill at a time
Topping The Charts
Swimwear design for a stylish Redneck
Beach Bum
Green cuisine evens out calory count
Ruined Bacon
How baby caught his cold
Wet Nose Fixer
I wonder what they taste like when they're not inverted...
Boneless Inverted Pork
Perfect Pose for Perfect Friends
Puppy Circle
What could possibly go wrong?
Relaxing Surgery
Premature denture preparation in the park
Tooth Loss
Turnaround in beach bikini attire
Front Bum
Bubba's pull-away shackle support
Redneck Cotter Pin
Surviving another day of newspaper drudgery
Media Bondage
Hoping that your beer will be there when you get back
Leave My Drink Alone
The grill of Howard's dreams!
Perfect Grill
We're expecting people over Easter so I did my bit and tidied up the toilet
Easter Preparation Down Under
For those who feel and taste their wine
Insect Wine Glass
Cute and harmless relationships Down Under
Roo Talk
What texting was for Grandpa's car
Typewriting While Driving
When malt or grain is good enough for the scotch
Whiskey Silly
Some Irish dogs don't prefer Irish green
St. Patrick's Dog
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