Henry Wiens Submissions
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Lawyer libel to claim foul on new practice
Lawyer Expands Practice
Undefined happiness
Mink Stole For Her Birthday
Bubba learned his family traits from his parents
Redneck Letter - From Mom to Son
A Plague of Boobs
Middle Ages History by College Students
Keep alert for bears on the trail
Bear Protection
Home on the Range for an Aussie
Almost Everything's Bigger in Texas
Next time you come across an intruder...
Knowing Scripture Can Save Your Life
Forgetting the people I never liked
The Senility Prayer
Time tracking tips for management
Payroll Department Memo
Bubba proposes his own holiday plan
Redneck Vacation
Don't let just any chicken surprise you!
Chicken Surprise
See if you can shed some 'light'...
How Many Christians Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
Little Johnny's advice for Sunday School teachers
Lot's Wife
Doesn't anybody want the Ten Commandments?
Comparing cold stories in heaven
Cold Hearted Women @ The Pearly Gates
Take up horseback riding and lose 10 pounds in a week!
Lose Weight by Horseback Riding
It takes a lot to get a Newfie down
Cheer Up - It Could Be Worse
This Church denomination is under construction
Non-Denomination Church
You can count on a Scout to do a good deed
Scout Survey - Merit Recognition
The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for
Wisdom From Grandpa
Do you have what it takes?
Inner Strength
Signs of smiling on the bus
Case of the Pregnant Lady
When it's illegal to cross the Italian border
Italian Border Checkpoint for Quatros
Canada's national fly
Until the Snow Flies
Legal tip for high flyers
Skydiving Lawyers
Finding the right deer
Redneck Deer Hunters
Finding a moral at the bottom of a tree
Sleeping Robins
Lighting the way for lawsuits
Train Lantern
See any light at the end of the tunnel?
Indian Cave Mates
Rabbit transit choreography lesson
Bald Rabbits
Taking favourites from the congregation
Church Hymns by Word Association
History made on the pond
First Toronto Newfie
But you have to look carefully
Where To Find The Trees In Newfoundland
Parking tips for blondes
Blonde Snow Removal Parking
Whose son did the best?
Sports Repairman
Foregone smoke break
Carpet Lump Repairman
Can't wait to get to the end of the line?
Biker's Last Request
Alternative to buying fishing gear
Different Angle
When it pays to be honest
McDonald's Job Application
Roosters with tiny bells
Prize Rooster
School teacher to the rescue at the race track
Up-Lifting Experience
Where the real trophy is mounted
Moose Hunt
Skillful business graduates are hard to find
Yale Grad
Trial jury deliberation for a convicted robbery suspect
Not Guilty?
Better than a flu shot!
Miss Bea
Renewed interest in math classes
Catholic Math
What ya gonna do with 'im, Jethro - Barium?
Redneck Medical Terms
World's first 10-pin bowlers
Avid Bowlers
Choosing a gift for an elderly mother
It's The Thought That Counts
Best time to pay back past debts
Honour Among Thieves
Can't you read the sign?
Danger - Beware Of Dog!
And now for a religious round of golf...
Holey Golfing
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