Dwayne Martin Submissions
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Bubba's favorite birthday present
Redneck Birthday Cake
For someone U Miss
Scrabble Tombstone
And you thought you've bean everywhere!
Spot the Man's Head Hidden in the Coffee Beans
Some warnings come too late
Sick Tombstone
Church with a git-R-done attitude
Redneck Church Sign
Bubba's solution to clearing snow in Hotlanta
Redneck Snow Plow
Pa's 'Down Under' friendship
Pa Loves Women
Halloween costume that brings out the small people in all of us
Here Comes Baby
This food gives me the crepes!
Hare In My Pancakes
Redneck drivers use everything but their heads
Responsible Hi-Tech Redneck
Forever in fishing hearts
Memory Fish
OK, men - start 'em up!
Real Man's Barbecue
B.C. Ferries has just the answer for your parking problems
Moorage For Your Large Boat
Ever wondered how a bacon cheeseburger is made?
Bacon Cheeseburger
Click on the frogs to switch their position
Frogs Switch
Hotel roof sunbathing
Blonde Sunbather
Learn to multiply using lines - math du Jour!
New Math Multiplication
You sure that's where the head goes?
Polish Paramedics
Silent and deadly Redneck flatulence - all was calm but not for long
Redneck Christmas Carols
Get more horsepower - and a face full of fertilizer
World's First Horse Power Vehicle
Ever had a day like this?
Typical Work Progress Report
Removing undesirable elements from the gene pool
Darwin 'Natural Selection' Awards - Criminal Category