Diane Baugh Submissions
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When you can't get to a fridge
Bring Me A Beer
Be careful of what snakes up on you
Leaping Lizards!
One brick short of a full load?
Brick Load
Baby's laughter reaches infectious proportions
Contagious Baby
What's hiding in an Amish boy's bed?
Amish Centerfold
Unsportsmanlike conduct in the U.S. Congress
Pelosi's Giant Gavel
Disaster relief using resources available
Haiti Re-Construction, Concrete Plans
Only people with an IQ of 120 and over can figure this out
Math Puzzle
Tiger's new swimming pool is above par
Tiger Shark
The only person who can beat Tiger Woods with a golf club
Tiger Wood's 2009 Christmas Card
Wanna play? Too bad - you're already playing. And in this game, nobody wins!
Who needs those fancy electric windows?
Redneck Power Windows
Catch up on Little Johnny's classical gas
Little Johnny's Gripping Story
Goose Down-s Aircraft
Just One Goose
One lick away from an unreachable dinner
Caught Cat
Bubba's on a roll with his hang of a good bathroom idea
Redneck TP Holder
Italian motorcycle anniversary
Motorbike Display
Ladies - some men you might not want for a date
Why Women Stay Single
Some toys are cheap and priceless
Why Buy Expensive Toys?
This will warm even the coldest heart
Human Kindness
A cure for what Ales you!
Beer Drinking Through Your Nose
Another Chinese toy recall
Toy Recall
Unexpected wildlife may lead to deer consequences
Deer Jumps Over Biker
For those who have sons and those who are happy they don't!
Boys Will Be Boys
You know you're in the South in summer when...
Redneck Summer
When your work can't take a back seat to anything else
Employee Of The Month
Use this vice to get rid of your worst vice!
How To Pop A Zit
You'll crack up over this little guy's marriage plans!
6-Year-Old's Wedding Plans
Bending over Back-wards four-ever
BrokeBack Ballet
Meet your oasis for life!
Thirst Quencher Fridge
Young chick's flowering future
Beauty That's Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
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