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You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you
Cold Cross Bunny
Bubba gets a lada fun in his Russian 4-to-3-wheeler
Redneck Snowmobile
What dog stars in the Christmas nativity scene?
Shepherd Nativity Scene
Amazing Christmas light display in Lancaster County
Amish Christmas Lights
Economy class trip to the moon
Moon Landing
Bubba beats his batter better!
Redneck Cook
Global Warming spotted in the Arctic
Proof of Global Warming
Redneck fashion and lifestyle statement
Hillbilly Overalls
Balancing the weight of ad programs
Childhood Obesity
If you live with a blonde, never leave your laptop in the bathroom
Living With A Blonde
How to know when a woman is ticked off
Car Axident
Carving a niche - Fun With Food
Food Art
Aha - you're on my side of the bed again!
Bed Equalizer
How not to dress up your dog
Why Dogs Bite Their Owners
Be on the lookout for a 1951 Chevy, red with white top
Border Agent Alert
Bubba's religious message of repentance
Redneck Revenge
Waist not, want not!
Sure sign that a bad day is coming
Weather Warning
Do you know where your cat is tonight?
Wicked Wok Catch
Just when you're looking forward to a nice hot bath
Lion In The Bathtub
Wal-Mart spoiler - for quick lunch breaks
Redneck Tailgate
Waking up to a cat-astrophe
A Dog's Worst Nightmare
How not to go fly fishing
Water Prop
Jethro shows off his fav barnyard tattoo
Cowbelly Tattoo
Improve your deck this summer with the gift of space
Japanese Deck Torpedoes
All the chicks will be Bug'in Jethro for a ride
Basketball Car
It's amazing what $5 US per gallon of gas can buy
Benefits of High Gas Prices
What inattentive parents can expect at this gift shop
Gift Shop for Stray Kids
What happens when seniors have to work way past 65
Working Past 65
Sometimes we ask too much of our friends
You Want Me To Do What?
Breast implants for your tattoo?
Tattoo Implants
What do you see?
Reverse Teaching
Alabama dream homes at low, discount sale prices
Redneck Dream Homes
Pedal Power deterrent to high gas prices
When Gas Costs Too Much
Easy-to-understand explanation of how the female mind works
A Woman's Mind
Exercise at the highest level
Run Down Apartments
Try getting through customs with this hairpiece!
Hairstyle Of The Year
How Bubba gets great mileage on his motorcycle
Redneck Motorcycle Transport
Don't croak on this Mexican spinach salad
Mexican Salad Dressing
What happens when city folk move to the country
Redneck Cat Found
How to earn a Redneck college fishing degree
Redneck Street Fishing
The Clinton Library reveals the Official Portrait
Clinton Portrait
Being  prepared when you visit Johnny On The Pot
Port-a-Potty Preparation
I hope so because I just got 2 of them on eBay!
Is This Legal?
Bubba's cool car draws lots of fans
Redneck Windshield Defroster
Gun control within range
Fox Hunting Madness
The early bird gets the worm
Baby Bird Chorus
Never underestimate the power of makeup
The Power of Makeup
Early dreams of Santa - Santa's presence present
Christmas Baby
Snuggling together for the perfect picture
Bird Trio
Daniel Radcliffe as a child
Hairy Potter
When I grow up, I want to be a Harley
Harley Load
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