Darwin McKee Submissions
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Bubba's trash and treasure supply: max-pack pickup delivery
Redneck Muffler Shop
World's smallest working revolver
Swiss Minigun
When a soft landing can lead to a good meal
Bad Day Flyer
This lunch includes free delivery
Lunch Time
You have to know what your priorities are...
So that's why they call them long neck giraffes!
LONG Neck Giraffe
Bubba wants only the best at his funeral service
Redneck Hearse
Frozen Buns' day when maybe you shouldn't 'go'
Cold Outhouse
Heard you were constipated.  But not any more, right?
TP Protector
How kids in Ohio get an early break for holidays
Early Christmas School Break
Nothing but the best for Bubba when he goes camping!
Redneck Portable Camping Potty
Never irritate a woman who can operate a backhoe
Redneck Anti-Theft Truck
Family protection from the stork family
Baby Stork Gifts
Latest in Redneck Senior Citizen Scooters
Redneck Port-A-Potty
Bubba writes poetry about his cold outhouse
Redneck Outhouse Poetry
High-mileage pedal-power car of tomorrow with eco-friendly backup
Car of the Future
Since Ellie Mae put Jet Fuel in Bubba's mower, he gets done a little faster!
Redneck Lawn Mower
New Orleans appoints Noah as Project Manager
Rebuilding in New Orleans
Reach a new high in this duplex outhouse with out-standing view!
World's 'Highest' Outhouse
Caught forever in the act of fence climbing
Brick Layers - Cast in Stone
Looking for a camouflage windshield for your delivery van?
Duct Tape Truck - No-Glass Deliveries
How to attract help when you're lost in the woods
Redneck's 'Shot In The Air' Hunting Rescue
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