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Something smelled funny in Torino
Come From Behind Taste of Olympic Success
For those days when you just can't get enough cable television
Satellite 'Art' - 100% Game Day Coverage
Airing out your complaints at work again?
Window Bungee Jumping - Latest Extreme Sport
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Garbage Back!
Garbage In or Garbage Out?
People are dying to get to this garage sale!
Garage Sale for the Soon-To-Be-Departed
Musicians can go in any key
Musical Throne
Steering Wheel Car... for 'key' nautical drivers!
Caraphernalia - Car Gadgets Unlimited
Why settle for a lawnmower when you can have a lawnmover?
John Deere Lawnmover
Bikers' new lazy car
Couch Potato On Wheels
Two-in-one burglar system for your home!
New Home Alarm System
When you know it'll take a lot of dough to fix your car
Massive Buns
Potable eating at latest upscale Asian restaurant
Asian Real Meal Deal
Freestyle, partial-beard German poser?
Beard and Moustache Championship
Is your home a polar bear beacon?
Pre-Dawn Breakfast Patrol
Using natural safety devices can prevent driving accidents
Airbag Safety
When gas gets too high, rent a Redneck water trailer
Redneck Water Trailer
Don't have a garage? Then park your junk on the porch...
Junk House - One Man's Treasure
Who needs software or hardware when you have runwear!
Computer Wear - Sneaker Powered
Might as well entertain yourself @ Pa & Ma's outhouse
Throne Entertainment on the Farm
Community resting place for old cabinets
Park Art or Cabinet Decision?
Smart Consultant's Name: Bill Fast
Baby Names - Based On Profession
Racing on the NASCAR circuit reaches lowest level
NASCAR's New Downhill Race Track
Hope for those with no health care - while quantities last
Blood Machine - Portable Health Care
Is your dog named Spot?
Seeing End Dog - New Vet Exam
Designer bedroom for aquatic sleepers
Swim-In Bedroom Design
Take a bite while eating on the throne
Nice Teeth
Why'd they have to use my bike as a barricade?
Cop Cry - Sidelined MotoCop
Ready for a watered down round of golf?
Golfer's Water Hole
When age meets youth on the race track - wheely good fun!
Racing Grandpa
Nature's way of telling you it's time to say adios
Time To Move
High-way pedal power in third world countries
Wheel-y High Tricycle
Looking for a cozy apartment, and one that cramp's your style?
Almost Unique Apartment For Rent
Using your son to check whether the raccoon's safe or not...
Raccoon Feeding - Child Version
Don't forget your helmet when you ride this roller coaster...
Training Wheel Roller Coaster
Cancer research reaches an all-time high
Cancer Tree
Lumbering along in your prized sports car...
Dent Damage - New V8 Design
Used teeth for sale...
Dental Plan - Latest Extraction Technology
If this guy cuts off his dreadlocks, will he lose his in-hairitance?
Taking Donations For Scissors
How to recognize a Redneck home - by its insulation!
Redneck House Siding
Beware of slow cyclists on the road...
Cyclists Speed Limit Strictly Enforced
Vague signing of Indian issues yields Eagle name for President Bush
Indian Chiefs' New Name For American President
Looking for the ultimate ride?
Top Thrill Dragster - Roller Coaster Ride of Doom
Wrong-end phone specially made for Dubya... 'Hello - is this the White House or the Wong House?'
White House Phone - Communication Problems
Prince Charles announces Royal Flush Wedding
2005 British Royal Flush Wedding
Canadian government stickhandles past NHL
Ottawa to Nationalize the NHL
Ottawa's gay dash for the open door wedding policy
Mad Vow Disease in Ontario
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