Bob Tasse Submissions
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Making people out of marble columns
Column Art - Interior Decoration 101
When you gotta go, remember your backup systems
Understanding Computers
New jet design for military passengers
Multi-Pilot Jet
Why get a new one when the old one keeps muffling along?
Slovak Muffler Accessory
Seen any Flying Cathedrals lately?
Flying Cathedral Excuse
Don't get caught bearing down the road with this street gang coming your way
Street Gangs In Canada
Unexpected Air Show aerobics
Flying With Angels
Just when you think there's no way to sustain life on Mars
Proof That There Is Water On Mars
Who needs a truck?
Pane-Full Motorcycle
Amish faith in a troubled world
The Power Of Faith
When a close screen makes for a close shave
Nerd Shaving
From the Department of the Obvious
Kid's last 'Say Cheese' picture
Pre-Dinner Photography
Looking for more South Africa dinner suggestions?
Kayak Tours for Lunch and Dinner Guests
Where not to take your car for your next oil change
Mechanics Gone Wrong - Car Teeter Totter
Harley Davidson rolls out new bike for the homeless
Mobile Home
Making room for a biker's worn out Pony Express
Biker Mailbox
Get the lowdown on Volvo's latest hotrod
Lowdown Volvo
Cold Greetings to the world from Canadian winter survivors
Canadian Winter Smile
Nothing gets your attention more than an attentive tree
Tree's Right Of Passage
Inline skating catches on in The Netherlands
Dutch Rollerblades
Eat your breakfast one byte at a time
Geek Breakfast
Miracle in the alcohol aisle - Praise the Lord!
Liquor Store Miracle
Beginning cyclists not recommended on Holland streets
Holland Bike Lane - For Pros Only
Ever had a day when you're stuck in bumper 2 bumper traffic?
Bumper To Bumper on the Freeway
Now Bubba digs housework!
Redneck House Cleaning
Fidel Castro recently spotted near Florida Keys
Where's Castro?
Designated intoxicated parking stall
Reserved for Drunk Drivers
And my Doctor was going to charge me a small fortune for this!
Medical Breakthrough
Genuine 'Made In Newfoundland' 1957 snowmobile
Newfie Metro Sled
Popeye's right hand gal, Olive Oyl, turns 75
Mother Popeye
Safest way to launch your Personal Water Craft... NOT!
How to Launch a PWC
Time for the mouse to take control, eh?
Mouse Revenge
Square wheel bikes - for Art, and for Art the crybaby
Square Wheel Bikes
Go, Ottawa, Go!
Ottawa Senators Announcement
Group discount tour for bikers
Hawg Limo - Hawg'n The Road
Can you find the lady in this illusion?
Find The Lady
For New Zealand tourists who have to go...
Shanty Town, New Zealand - Potty Pic
How Bubba adds real gas to his fireplace
Starting Your Fireplace On The Roof
Thirsty military personnel face daunting Iraq mousetrap
New Threat In Iraq
Take it easy - sit in a Gold Glove!
Baseball Chair
New digital clock for the deaf and hearing impaired
Visual Alarm Clock
What's the difference between Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts?
Beer Nuts vs. Deer Nuts
Finding a reason to race to work in the morning
Mini Computer Desk
Ghost illusion from within a hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloon Illusion
Mascara options for your next cell call
Women's Cellphone
Wearing out runners isn't a problem when the runners outrun you!
Sport Shoe Car
I think I see something on the road, or is it on the dash?
Clutter Car
The artist Vincent Van Gogh had many relatives
The Van Gogh Family Tree
Cochran lays the glove down on his tombstone
Johnny Cochran's Last Words to O.J.
Never worry about keeping your coffee warm again!
Dog Holder and Coffee Warmer-Upper
Shooting blanks in the PC vs. Mac standoff
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