Bill Carter Submissions
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Playful bunnies in this year's Bunny Pinup
Bunny Calendar
Signs you ate too much at Thanksgiving
Too Much Turkey
What happens at night at a construction site
Moon Cranes
Shop Romania for wheel-e good walking wheelchair discounts
Wheelchair Priorities
Roman-furters, grill-ed to perfection
Romanian Barbeque
General Motors employees would be 'Golf'-ing
Ask the Indians what happens when you don't control immigration
The Original Homeland Security
To haul with the refrigerator!
Refrigerator Delivery
How some Americans feel about their new President
Exactly How I Feel
I could be wrong, but judging by his hat, this guy ain’t gonna make it
Southern Emergency
Bubba's plumbing job includes a free map
Redneck Plumbing
If the van's rockin' don't come knockin'
Redneck Sauna
Eggsellent young swimmer, ahead of his time
Michael Phelps - In The Beginning
Ex-wife's narrow escape
My Ex-Wife, The Pilot
Who says you can't potty train a man?
Fly in the Toilet
Announcing the all-new 2012 Pelosi GTxi
Congressional Motors 2012 Car
Bubba's new multi-level condo, with teeter-totter views for inlaws
Redneck Mansion
Bubba prepares to defend his hooch stand
Redneck Tank
Make sure you don't give one of our burgers to the horse!
Country Cookin'
Best Security system in Africa
African Pit Bull
Disturbing trend beginning to affect U.S. wildlife
Democrat Black Bear
George Washington's prayer for America
Laus Deo
All these men got their faces on American bills
President Bills
The only rotational boat transporter in the world
Scottish Canal Engineering
Bubba's a-lure-ing way to haul in the fish
Redneck Fishing
Where things are headed
Job Market Changes
The disadvantage of having a having a big screen TV
Big Screen TV
Man's best friend is man's best security system
Meet My Dog
What CCR was really singing - now we know
CCR Misheard Lyrics
Cleaning up after patrons and down after chairs
Pour Waitress
Carry too much luggage on your holidays?
100 Camels
1st skid marks in Romania
Rubber-Burning Backseat Driver
Recommended prostate health supplement
Tomato Health
When you gotta go, you gotta go
Cop Chase
Looking after little brother's best interests
Little Johnny's Tampax Protection
Your safest bet on the net?
Best Casino Ad
No one could ever measure up to Frank Feldman
The Perfect Man
Latest California radar detection system
Air-To-Ground Speeding Ticket
It's tough to 'sail on' when your sail's off
Retired Boat Captain