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Eat more fruit - key ingredient for a healthy marital relationship
Message From The Wife
The irony of losing yourself on a journey of epic proportions
Malaysian Airlines Ad
Justin Bieber races to first place in opinion polls
Bieber Escape
Filling up the gas tank for less
Gas Prices of Yesteryear
Giving it all with your nearby relationships
Facebook For Seniors
Some animals change their type mid-stride
Leaping Baboons
Some French intersections are hard to find in the winter
Frozen French Stop Sign
Choosing a pain-full out-of-bounds bathroom break
Restricted Restroom Area
City Salmon are preferred over Wild Salmon in Portland, Oregon
Salmon Street
It pays to be a wine connoisseur
Cheaper Than Gas
Spring thaw reveals Boris's Lada
Camouflage Car
Sitting too long at your desk lately?
Halloween Rocking Chair
Touching backyard Halloween sculpture
How not to install a toilet
Toilet Seat Reversal
Turns out President Obama and Rob Ford were childhood friends
Cross Border Friends
When proofreading should come before babyproofing
Parents Babyproofing Guide
Unique parking spaces in Europe
Shopping Cart Car
BP introduces 'Profit Padding'
BP's Last Chance To Plug The Well
Looks like another long season for the Vancouver Canucks
Canucks Support-her
Another Canadian political post
Similarity Between Justin Trudeau And Turtles
New Dog Diet - your pet loses weight while walking
Helium Dog
U.S. and North Korea exchange more than military threats
Trump Hair Trade Agreement
Google innovations keep office work from being drab and boring
Google Headquarters
Handed down animal illusions
Hand Art
Self-service pet wash gets owner approval
Dog Wash
Flatulent racecar driver approaches takeoff speed
Redneck NASCAR Astronaut
Night at sea in a young sailor's home
Nautical Bunk Bed
The murder that took place 100 years ago that set off World War I
Archduke Franz Ferdinand (d) 28-June-1914
Tiger caught Lay-in down on the job
When The Chips Are Down
Sleeping Around Years Ago
Vintage Campers
Hat's off to the Somalia pirates
Somalia Pirate Souvenir
Things are in a mess - as usual...
Construction SNAFU Awards
How girls arrange fire equipment
Fire Truck Parts
NHL hockey is finally back - for those who care
Canucks Playoff Logo
A red Cardinal makes the yearly migration from Florida to Ontario
Spring Forward
Please wait while Spring is loading in Canada
Canadian Spring
Stick family graffiti in Saskatchewan snowfall
Canadian Vandalism
Not a care in the world, until last week...
I Lost It All
Canadian parliament passes anti-Islamophobia motion
ISIS Control
Pope Francis lifts the ban on condoms
Breaking News From Rome
The pot calling the kettle black: Middle East hypocrisy?
Forbidden Israeli Passports
Donald Trump Looks Over The Wall To Canada
Canadian Welcome
Cape Breton awaits arrival of Obama and Michelle
Obama Moving On
Snowman security
Car Snowmen
Trudeau Jr. balances weight of Carbon Tax on taxpayers
Prime Minister Moonbeam of Canada
Dogs waiting for the Wise Men
Canine Nativity Scene
Wrapping little bundles of joy during Christmas
Christmas Babies
Urine bottle hospital decoration
Urology Wreath
What could Santa Claus be bringing you this year?
Condom Christmas Tree
Bad news from up north...
Rudolph Trophy
Global preparation for the big night of expectations
Christmas Presents Around The World
Air traffic control to the rescue
Blonde Pilot
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