Barry McCartney Submissions
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Faster than a speeding Corvette
Bicycle Cop
Racoon letters rearranged spell corona
2020 Mascot
Atari's blind video game supporter
Stevie Wonder Games
Stairs leading to the wrong conclusion
Misinclined Stairs
If one could only understand their handwriting...
Doctor Protest
If it tries to eat us, serve with red. If it runs away from us, serve with white.
Wine Pairing in the Stone Age
Marketing products in the wrong-product market
Fork Sales
Italian Cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino began his new job as a bus driver yesterday
Bus Shipwreck
Back to normal soon?
One man's junk is another man's artistic treasure
Shadow Junk Art
Canadians seeking higher pensions as illegal immigrants
Boatload Interception
Protecting bicycle theft with your footwear
Sandal Security
Where should I put this?
Lost Cat
Doing donuts on the highway
Pulled You Over
Government advice: Work from home
Lifeguard Distancing
Bubba can hardly wait to put it all together!
Ikea Log Home
What to do with leftover house flies
Fly Art
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump shake hair together
A New Era
Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!
Himilayan Cure for Constipation
Do they have a strange religion and speak a different language?
Strangers To Our Land
Promoting cognitive learning to media relationships
Brain App
Who wants to go for a swim in Mali's Niger River?
Niger River Crocodile
A man of few words
Original Homeland Security - 2nd Amendment
When there's not enough time to fully open the umbrella
Umbrella Stand-ard
Sacred cows - no, bull
India's Cow Palace
Rapid spread of virus in Italy's art district
Quarantine Stages
Finding true social networking skills
Be With Friends
Portable rest stop in the country
Bumper Dumper
People are dying to visit the Sunshine State
Florida Invitation
Throughout the good times and the bad times
How Men Think
Recession forces Oil Sands to scale down operations
Recession Cutbacks
How pets take a coffee break together
Every Day, Same Time
They lied...
Flatten The Curve
Inspector checks out water quality in Calcutta
Potty 'Train'ing In India
How clean hands protect against virus infection
Chili Rub
But they rotate every time I drive...
Tire Rotation
King size Coke for 10 cents!
1957 Woolworth Menu
Salads elevated by heavy metal
Bread Zeppelin
Marty McFly is sent back in time to 1955, where he meets his future plant parents
Back To The Fuchsia
Sew what? For same day clothing alterations!
Sew It Seams
For the perfect view in front of you
Butterfly Lens
Not a reasonable excuse to be outside
Social Distancing Fine
Automatic drip watering system for plants on life support
Nurse Garden
When you can excuse the mess
Child Memories
Time to start feeling young again - enjoy life!
Young At Heart
Sinking feeling with your TV remote
Almost Floats On Water
I sink I've finally found the acorn of my dreams!
Scrat Sink
Just doing my part to help out...
Money Virus
Have you exercised today?
Daily Exercise for Seniors
How blue jeans suffer without regular exercise
Social Distance Clothing
How Bubba gets rid of bills sent to his mailbox
Bill Mailbox
Social distancing when ordering Chinese food
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