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How gravity works for vehicles on downhill driveways
Why Parking Brakes Are Important
A prank that only a bunch of teenage boys would think of
Seagulls On Laxatives
Can you answer the questions in the Four Squares?
Four Squares
'Looking' for a better relationship
Improved Vision
Texting on a cold winter morning
Frozen Windows
Gas Leak Detection is not a specialty for some people
How To Check For A Gas Leak
Recognize anyone from Cognito?
Have You Been There?
In-and-out weaving driver lives to scare others another day
One Lucky Moron (PG)
Mayhem on the Port Mann Bridge averted
TransLink's Solution for Port Mann Bridge Icing
Blame the Mayans for fewer Christmas gifts this year
Mayan Christmas Shopping
Monkey See ... Monkey Do
Monkey Stairs
A tribute to the elderly who have learned to use the computer
Surfer Grandma
Sea what you See in The Netherlands
Rotterdam Bus Boat Tours
When it's not a good time to pet an elephant
Annoying Tourist
Vancouver Canucks' new licenced product
New Canucks Product
Flame retardant fabric - ready for last-game celebrations!
Canucks 2012 Playoff Jersey
How the NHL cleans up its act
Playoff Jerseys
Putting U.S. national debt in perspective
American Debt (2011)
Bailing out on alternative transportation plans
New B.C. Ferry
Some days Henry forgets to take off the parking brake
Snowplow For Seniors
Where business is taking off & customers are on a high
Franchises Available
Just what the Doctor ordered
New Navy Medicine
Some things are not to be shared in Bubba's outhouse
Redneck Restroom Privacy
Fishing boat charters offer extra incentives
Fishing in Florida
Mama bear disciplines an unruly cub
Get Down Here, Right Now!
Warm weather threatens Olympics
Ever  wonder where the term 'Dickhead' came  from?
Dick Head
Just when you thought they were history...
Clinton Combo Kitchen Tool Set
When a lean-to turns into a lien too
Don't Touch My Car
Now even Bubba can fix a windshield
Cheap Windshield Repair
Toronto Maple Leafs Win Stanley Cup!
Maple Leaf Coalition
Canadians - Discover whether you Morally Stand or Stand Morally
Canadian Morality Test
Live pictures of a birth under water
Underwater Birth
When heated seats come in handy
Canadian Car, eh
How to get the printer to work
Cat Printer
When you know it's time to trade in your Russian car
Lada Recall
Raising The Bar on America's Got Talent
Russian Bar Trio
One wong move and you're done!
Piggy Back, Back Flip
Take that, Jake!
Amazing Catch
Last day in the life of a de-lighted lineman
electricAL safety
Smile, You're On Bathroom Camera!
Bathroom Camera
This guy forgot to Google Goggles!
Lightweight Safety Glasses
For days when doing nothing is better than pruning the garden!
Bud Light Beer Bunker
Widescreen - my screen... I'll take one of these!
Plasma Bed Extension
When it absolutely has to be there overnight
UPS Fishing Boat
Which is faster: Morse Code or Text Messaging?
Morse Code vs. Text Messaging
What does a Blonde do when she has an accident?
Blonde Accident
How did he do that?
Food Magic
How to reduce your cat-astrophic water bill
High Water Bill
Life after the World Cup - another 4 years in the kitchen
Finger Football
Better brush up on your Math - don't get cheated!
Ma and Pa Math: 5 into 25 equals 14
Try Baked Beans for your next alternative fuel source
World's First Hybrid Motorcycle (PG)
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