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A red Cardinal makes the yearly migration from Florida to Ontario
Spring Forward
Stick family graffiti in Saskatchewan snowfall
Canadian Vandalism
Canadian parliament passes anti-Islamophobia motion
ISIS Control
Pope Francis lifts the ban on condoms
Breaking News From Rome
Donald Trump Looks Over The Wall To Canada
Canadian Welcome
Cape Breton awaits arrival of Obama and Michelle
Obama Moving On
Trudeau Jr. balances weight of Carbon Tax on taxpayers
Prime Minister Moonbeam of Canada
Urine bottle hospital decoration
Urology Wreath
What could Santa Claus be bringing you this year?
Condom Christmas Tree
Bad news from up north...
Rudolph Trophy
Global preparation for the big night of expectations
Christmas Presents Around The World
Air traffic control to the rescue
Blonde Pilot
Even after Brexit, Londoners haven't lost their sense of humour
America has a Trump Card
Latest news from Trump about Hillary's pardon
Bill and Donald
Some relationships last a long time
Good In Bed
Lending a hand to a police incident
Biker Kiss
Preparing for the next Stanley Cup playoff round
Canucks Diving Team
Generating a false impression for the long hours you don't work
George Costanza's Tips For Working Hard
Housekeeper of the Year award goes to...
Sorry About The Mess
Making one feel at home in Surrey, B.C.
Homesick Snowbird
Office productivity during lean times
Recession Boss
Canada's Native Indians gain weight during their hunger strikes
Chief Spence Hunger Strike
Be positive!
The Positive Side Of Life
The real problems with raising the minimum wage
New McDonald's Servers
Finding more uses for common household items
Useful Tips
Hillary's new $600 haircut after seeing the latest polls
Hillary Hairstyle
English grammar using top, front and side views
Invention of the word BooB
Tiger's new trophy is for the dogs
Tiger Wood's Trophy
How to make a dairy go round
Milk Makes You Stronger
What a wife says... and means
Switch Seats
For days when 18 holes isn't enough
Magic-'Al' illusion of the human eye...
Einstein or Monroe?
Does your wife always give you sound advice?
Senior Bumper Stickers
If you had to choose between the two of them, which would you pick?
Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?
Israeli sense of humour sets the record straight
To Whom Does The Land Of Israel Belong?
Lending a hand to the animals
Hand Painting Par Excellence
Nothing left but whining for the Boston Bruins
Hockey Family Picture
Give him something to remember on your anniversary!
Don't Forget Her Special Day
Gillis to unveil new Canucks logo
New Canucks Logo
Young fans around the world know who won the Gold Medal hockey games
Hockey Babies Going For Gold
Why you don't put Christmas lights on a palm tree
Palm Tree Christmas Lights
Giving up smoking is very difficult
Smoking Addiction
Separation of jerk from state in Ontario
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Heineken serving the planet one foot at a time
Walk-In Fridge
Not extreme enough for you?
Extreme Sports
Bare bones panhandling at its best
Best Panhandler
How to customize your ringtone for all your cell-ebrity calls
New Cell Phones
Marriage can work when you learn to let out a little steam
The Perfect Wife
What would it take to discourage you from Bungee Jumping?
Bungee Jumping 'Down Under'
This is what our new RV looks like
Redneck RV
Flatulent alternative to Breathe Right strips
Gas Right Posterior Strips
Watts You See Is Watts You Get!
Candle Power
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