Barry McCartney Submissions
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Can't wait to update your Facebook status?
Facebook Wedding
Boris may be strong but smell isn't everything
Russian BiteLifter
Electricity and water don't mix
Fountain Overshoot
His 'iceberg theory' style influenced 20th-century fiction
Ernest Hemingway in 1923 at Age 24
How to find an uncertified wall repair plasterer
Plastered Wall Plasterer
Limiting close contact with others in the MoistWet Territories
Moose Distancing
Safety underneath in the storm
Snow Safe
Iguana hold your hand!
Lizard Hair Style
Funding to uncover your heritage
Sister DNA
Cottage dream in the country
House Wrap
Lambs to the left of me, mutton to the right
Stuck In The Middle With Ewe
Recipe for the world's first cup of Java
Moses Tea
Computer support line for the elderly
Tech Help For Grandma
A dog's 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the driveway
Dog Patch
What happened when the boss installed his own door
Jigsaw Puzzles for the non-patient
Close Enough
How a pour man finds a new job
Bartender Mechanic
New cut price airline from India
India Airlines Economy Flight
City Salmon are preferred over Wild Salmon in Portland, Oregon
Salmon Street
Quite possibly the hardest day of your life
Viagra Overdose
How to build your own stalagmite
Cold Faucet
How babies are born in Canada
Canadian Twins
Good to the last drop!
Pigeon Drink
Bubba hasn't discovered the law of gravity yet
Urinal Challenge
An easy way out of waiting in line
Why Stand In Line?
One of life's great mysteries solved
How Twins Are Made
Pierre Elliott Trudeau on abstinence
Should Have Pulled Out
How to receive a standing ovation
Goat Trick
Waterproof walking canes for aging swimmers
Cane Swimmers
When storing nuts can be pain-full for a squirrel
Hang Time
Nowadays, being homeless is more competitive than ever
Homeless Signs
Mysterious fixture stands out on local highway
Alien Light Sighting
Bubba's playground ingredients: 2 lawn chairs, 1 board, 1 bucket
Redneck Teeter Totter
Some Doctors recommend one glass of red wine per day
Red Wine Diet
Snow camouflage for the dog
Our Dog Snowballs
Multitasking face shield for hungry Covid patients
Why I Wear 2 Masks
Christmas card sceptics
Three Wise Men
Avoidance protocol during the Covid pandemic
New Normal
Leading down the road to winter survival
Sheep Path
Washing machines in the Far East
Brick Washer
How Rupinder won the trucker's fix-a-flat contest
India Road Assistance
How they started a wheel-e good marriage
Wheelchair Wedding
Sharing blood transfusion joy in the hospital
Haematology Christmas Tree
Bubba's dog works best at ATM machines
Best Retriever
Brides can have their cake and eat it too!
Wedding Cake Dress
Marine algae for Asian palates
Seaweed Burger
Finding a cool place to hang up your sandals
Hot Tub Hangups
Helping Mom in the kitchen
Can I Lick The Bowl
Inspiring and illusive wedding photography
Roads were quite icy that day in the Moistwest Territories
Winter Driving in Canada
Running away from the last drop of wine this year
One More Drop
A sign of Perspiration Inspiration
Smoking Hot Body
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