Barry McCartney Submissions
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What happened when the boss installed his own door
Never seen a CatFish before?
Redneck Electrician Motto: Watts You See Is Watts You Get
Fuse Bypass
Pure Vintage Donald
Trump Whines
Bakery with a dessert sense of humour
Life Of Pie
Cooling off in the Singapore River
People Of The River
'How much deeper do I go until the boat floats?'
Redneck Boat Ramp
Teamwork in action
Couple's Return Policy
How to find an uncertified wall repair plasterer
Plastered Wall Plasterer
Household KISS Principle (Keep it simple, Stupid)
Simple Solutions
Where is The Donald when you need him?
Concession Speech
Waterproof walking canes for aging swimmers
Cane Swimmers
Statue of Liberty bids farewell to The Donald
Bye Bye
The world's first life safety jackets
Inner Tube Swimmers
Why you shouldn't go into the weeds looking for your golf ball
They Found Your Balls
Lighting up a Hobbit House
Hobbit Halloween
Officer - is anyone driving that car?
Halloween Driver Costume
Boris may be strong but smell isn't everything
Russian BiteLifter
Longevity at the baseball park
Together Since
Wet Rain
Halloween lookalike contest for dogs
Dog O'Lanterns
When security dogs go bad
Drug Dog Search
Emma didn't think the water fountain looked quite right today
Water Relief
Father and son meat together
Papa Burger
Cycling during Monsoon season
Water Bike
Bubba saved money on his plumber shortcuts
Redneck Combo Plumbing
Pinata Politics and Trojan Horse Deception
Mexican Plan to Get Through Trump's Wall
George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump at the Pearly Gates
Job Interview With God
How to make peace, not war
Flower Battleship
The progress of Man from Prehistoric to Post Fast Food
Evolution Of Man
Why you need to learn covert text messaging skills
Texting In Class
History in the making
1646 Selfie
Out of shape but still winning the race
Ahead Of You
Wine consumption related to work stress
Wine Day
Build a ski hill in the middle of a desert? Only in Dubai, United Arab Emirates!
Dubai Ski Hill
Next best thing to Brad's Bakery
Bread Pitt
It's easy shopping when no other shoppers are around
Texas Wal-Mart Shopper
Clothing for concerned students
T-Shirt Answer
Long term effects of the pandemic quarantine
Growing Own Pot
Customized Saudi Arabia parking lots
Camel Parking
Multitasking face shield for hungry Covid patients
Why I Wear 2 Masks
Backwards ad campaign reverses model appeal
Split Personality Ad
Cheap management solution to cope with work overload
Employee Happiness Kit
We have no idea what we're doing, but you get to pay for it
Politics in Canada and the United States
Custom TP is de-grating for relatives
Toilet Paper For The Mother-In-Law
Beware of using too much toilet paper
How politicians and bureaucrats can keep our country safe
Covid Vaccine Testing
Hiring Practices of Highly Successful Organizations
Disney Rejection Letter
Build a deck and invite everyone over
Forget The Wall
How to highlite the next accident site
Road Post Invitation
Pedestrian road signs that get your attention
Down Sign
Ergonomic go-kart wheelbarrow
Wheelbarrow Wheelies
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