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Redneck Electrician Motto: Watts You See Is Watts You Get
Fuse Bypass
A man of few words
Original Homeland Security - 2nd Amendment
Prairie farmers make good use of their Deer
Saskatchewan Harley
The Little Engine That Could Wood
Fire Engine
Bubba can hardly wait to put it all together!
Ikea Log Home
Protecting bicycle theft with your footwear
Sandal Security
Longevity at the baseball park
Together Since
When security dogs go bad
Drug Dog Search
Wet Rain
Survival in life's game of chess
Never Give Up
Another missed call?
Pregnant Ref
Juice labels gone wrong
Juicy Bacon
When the right way to go is the wrong way
Keep Right
Standing out among scooter safeguards
Hair Helmet
Two-in-one superhero backpack sale
Almost Batman
Safety standards for 1900 school playground equipment
Surviving Recess
Outhouse not included
Organic TP
Some fishing trips don't turn out as planned
Forgettable Fishing Trips
Some relationships last a long time
Good In Bed
Does your wife always give you sound advice?
Senior Bumper Stickers
For older people who still like the outdoors
Camping For Seniors
How Doordash and Skip The Dishes got started
Dinner Recommendation
Bob's inside collectibles
Great Outdoors
Customized Saudi Arabia parking lots
Camel Parking
Balancing a Jeep with bamboo poles
Thai Logging
How Bubba gets rid of bills sent to his mailbox
Bill Mailbox
The real problems with raising the minimum wage
New McDonald's Servers
Sacred cows - no, bull
India's Cow Palace
They lied...
Flatten The Curve
A red Cardinal makes the yearly migration from Florida to Ontario
Spring Forward
Care in rearing the young
Family Planning Advice
Clothing for concerned students
T-Shirt Answer
It was tough to find a parking spot tonight
Parking Blockade
We're not sure which one is more insulted
Trudeau Joins NDP Party
Batman looks for Robin in the shopping mall
You'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for three
Tri-Cycle Tour
When fall comes to mind
Railing Repair
Shared understanding and common goals
We Are All Tied Together
Rapid spread of virus in Italy's art district
Quarantine Stages
When there's not enough time to fully open the umbrella
Umbrella Stand-ard
Please wait while Spring is loading in Canada
Canadian Spring
Take your pic, they're all in this together
For Her Majesty
Irish school boys line up for the school nurse
Castor Oil Lineup
Very diplomatic Irish attire
Queen's Recent Visit to Ireland
Wanting isolation from flatulent people
How To Enforce Social Distancing
Looks like it's too cold to change the sign
Cold Sermon
Road sign for aging pedestrians
Dear Crossing
One man's poverty is another man's luxury
Slum Penthouse
Celebrity dog rapper with great vision
Snoop Dog
Stop and Go on winter roads
Go Winterized
The murder that took place 100 years ago that set off World War I
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Unique parking spaces in Europe
Shopping Cart Car
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