Barry McCartney Submissions
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Sales of Tolkien chicken wings are flying off the shelves
Lord of the Wings
Getting hooked on shark fishing
Taking The Bait
Finding a place on the roof for gun control
Gun Exhaust
Chinese food recipes for the microwave
Chinese Cooking
Visual sign language when you gotta go
Restroom Signs
Getting prepared for tick season in Canada
Parasite Trivia
Hailing a taxi cab in India
Motorcycle Taxi
Moving towards stealthy flatulence
Fart Facts
Bubba's mechanics use only high performance muffler parts
Muffler Hanger
Gotta keep rollin'
TP Tires
Excelling in dog litter-ature
Proud Pug Parents
Removing the beast from business signs
Beauty And The Beach
Aging gracefully without pictures
I'm So Old
Pilot exit plan for flights with Coronavirus passengers
Why there are few applicants for training plumbing jobs in India
India Plumbers
Automatic drip watering system for plants on life support
Nurse Garden
... but I can't understand it for you
I Can Explain It
Starting breakfast off with a Griddle Riddle
Redneck Farmer Sausage
Outhouse not included
Organic TP
Easy to follow instructions for pipeline protesters
Pipeline Protesters
Nature's tootbrush, fiber rich and packed with vitamins
Colon Celery
Some drivers exceed traffic sign expectations
Very Left Turn Driver
Can never get enough for the panic room
Disaster Preparation
Don Cherry's new financial backing
New Canada Bill
Pierre Elliott Trudeau on abstinence
Should Have Pulled Out
Finding a cheaper alternative to buying gas for your car
Cheaper Than Gas
Proof of livestock intelligence in Texas
Cow Gate
Taking a stand for child maintenance
Child Support
Where building bird houses is on the rise
Bird Condo
How to help Grandma on the road to recovery
Seniors Bike Club
Pied piper finds the perfect standalone dance partner
Dance With Me
For the 'Strange Vehicle Accident Claims' folder
Suddenly An Oven
Skeleton in the X-ray Department
Mal Nutrition
Latest in police dog fashion
Looking The Part
Covid-19 news from the Scottish Highlands
Scottish Variant
CPR for dying laptops
Computer Resuscitation
Someone who wants everything except your work
Socialist Job
Clean up your act at the local laundry shop
Lord Of The Rinse
Little Johnny started walking at an early age
Walk The Line
Alexa, 'What do women want?'
Women's Desires
You can't help stupid
Plugged In
Shop yourself silly while leaving him behind
Husband Day Care Center
Gas blowout spotted on Canadian prairies
Flatulent Cow
Friends Without Phones - communication retrolution
No-iPhone Kids
What happens when you put 25 litres of paint on the back seat
Car Whitewash
Burning Infidel Technology while filming it on camera phones and posting it online
A Special Kind of Stupid
Safety standards for 1900 school playground equipment
Surviving Recess
Walking through history in Budapest, Hungary
Shoes On The Danube Bank
An 'Extra' special VW carrier
Corona Bug
Brand awareness for tomorrow's generation
The Future of Social Media
Tapping into unlimited spark potential
Bypass Jumper
On Doctor's Orders
Shower Bar
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