Face Plant

Self taught boxer

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Face Plant for a self-taught boxer
Captions from our readers...

Knuckle sandwich: Its what's for dinner!
Kirk Lowry

A Right Glib Jab at Acne, but Clearsil it Ain't!
Irvin Kauffman

Is this the Punch and Judy show?
Idske Mulder

It worked MUCH better in Looney Tunes!
Terry Fiedor

Face unfolded
Girish Gangadharan

I REALLY, REALLY could have had a V-8!
Punch drunk and slap happy are not a good combo.
Marlene Goodman

Under O'Bama's health care plan, this is first aid for a nose bleed
W. Breigner

Sucker Punch
When I get done here, Mom can use me for the stool plunger!
Alan Washburn

Mom said that if I kept doing this it would get stuck that way.
Oh, I hope not!

Mike Morrow

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