Rubik’s Head

When you know it’s time to put away the puzzle

Bubba tried his best to solve the Redneck Sudoku Puzzle

So, how was your first day back to work after the summer holidays?

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Rubik's Head Puzzle

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Salvadore Dali: the Nightmare Years
I've got a headache this big, and its got Excedrin written aaaaaaall over it.
Ummm... Earl? What exactly did we do last night?
When plastic surgeons go bad: tonight, at 11.
Kirk Lowry

Now let me see... Where did I leave my keys? No, not there! Perhaps there? Or there?
Do I look puzzled? But I'm only playing with thoughts!
Idske Mulder

After being hit by Umbrella Corp defenses, the Resident Evil team realised
humpty dumpty was based on a true story.

Jon Varley

The location of Norman's house next to the cemetery, provided him with all the material he would need
to make the mask. However, the kids in the neighborhood would remember this Halloween and avoid the
Norman residence, like a helping of liver and onions, for years afterwords.

Louie Wurlitzer, inventor of the disco mirror ball.
Mark Prairie

I think I know it, now turn the middle 3 times to the right, turn the left side 2 times,
down and the right side up once, or was that twice? OOHHH Man I just can't get it.

Della Norton

Mark Strange, private eye, sniffs out another clue.
Fred Piceno

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