Handicap Helper

One more push after your final push

Japan is flush with ideas for handicap bathrooms

“One giant hand for mankind - leading the world in Crap-e ideas!”

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Handicap Helper

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“Putting a new meaning to raised toilet seats...”
Handi-Crap Helper
“Hang on... I think I've got it!”

Karen Moore

Lending a helping hand to disabled bums.
Martin Grosse

To all Humans, You have broken my circulation pump with your insensitivity to a robot's needs.
You have let my batteries discharge for the last time...

Goodbye cruel world...
Robby the Robot
How does that grab ya?
Mark Prairie

New from Japan! Feeling frisky? Need a little pick-me-up?
Try the new and ultra high-tech Goose-o-matic 2000!

And now, back to 'Life of a Terminator: The Layoff Years'.
Addam's Family Upgrades
Kirk Lowry

That was not what I meant when I asked you to give me a hand in the bathroom!

Stop right there! Pay before you sit...
On second thought maybe I will get that exam from the doctor instead!
A warming hand for those experiencing constipation.
Kevin Card

Suddenly I don't wanna go...
Ian Lehrke

I told you I'd be back!
Glenda Mellinger

Ladies, no more wiping off the seat after someone else has been in there.
This handy dandy hand wipes it for you.

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety - wipe the seaty.
Oh yeah, you don't have to know metal maid is here.

Have no fear - I am here to help you work it out...
Della Norton

Part of the new Obama 'Health Care Package' for seniors and disabled Americans.
Joseph Mills

I warn you, Earthling, for every one of us you destroy
we will destroy ten of you.

Fred Piceno

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