Mountain Road

“High, my name’s Cliff. Drop over some time!”

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Steep sheer cliff mountain road

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Okay, take a right on Highway 207, go a ways, and we're the first house on the left.
Honey... I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...
Earl, I gotta go. Can we pull over?
Waidaminnit... I thought YOU had the tickets!!!!! Well, we can't go back now, obviously...
Kirk Lowry

What do you mean 'pull over'? This is a one way tunnel!!!
Don Sartori

Do you really think it was wise to ask your friend to meet us half-way, Joe?
Idske Mulder

Hello Cliff, my name is Rescue-Hellicopter-rotor-blade... mind if I scrape your side a bit?
Brendan Groeneveld

Ok honey, I see where we are. Take a right at the next opening.
John Milner

Welcome to the highway to hell.
Kaelyn Draco

She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes...
Jessica Hadley

Can You Hear Me Now... HELLO...?
Irvin Kauffman

I sure hope the tunnel is open at the other end.
Ok... Now that we climbed half way up, can we hitch hike to the top from here?
Now I know how the great wall of china was made.
The top of the Mountain fell off the ant farm's house.

Yes, he said it was the short cut to heaven. That's why it is not on any map...
What do you mean we are going the wrong way?
Wow, god really makes the moles around here huge...
Who said we couldn't dig a hole to China with a spoon?
Della Norton

'You know something? I think that giant cliff-face would make a great place for a road!'... 'You're fired.'
Cory Prior

Scared of driving this road? Even the face of God looks scared!

Phil McGinley

Let me guess - you didn’t update the GPS!
Sally Phillips

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