Wok-a-Way: Wok - Don’t Run!

“Wok & Roll” Rapid Transit

Bridging the gap in rural China

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Bridging the Gap in rural China

Captions from our readers...

Next time you say we should take the scenic route,
make sure there isn't this much scenery -
and I don't want to hear again, are we having fun yet...

Darwin McKee

And here we see a perfect example of the effectiveness
of the Democratic Party Aid Fund...

Whaddya mean, watch my... steAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa.......*splash*
Kirk Lowry

Last one over brings the wood for the barbie!
Nik Keun

Are we there yet???!!!
Irvin Kauffman

Dad, I really do have to go to the bathroom!
Just like a man - never asks for directions!
L.B. Scott

Monkey see, Monkey do.
Joe Lebowitz

So it's a long walk. Quit complaining, cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it!
Brian Smedley

First Michael Jackson dangles his baby over a balcony... and now this!
D. K. Browne

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