Puppy Support - “Back” Up Plan

Looking for a little support from your wee friends?

Little ones helping little ones - Puppy Power 4U...

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Puppies supporting back of a little boy

Captions from our readers...

Okay, Mom... I don't care what you say, this 'standing on your own' thing is for the dogs.
The next generation of Democrat: continually demanding support from those
below without ever looking back, while still unable to make any sort of
progress unless pulled from above... and their momma's dress them funny, too.

Kirk Lowry

Just what do you expect Mom?
I'm still using my sea legs from that nine month tummy cruise I was on.

My land legs still need a little help.
Darwin McKee

Mum you must be the worst mother in the world if our puppies' are the ones
having to teach me how to stand.

Ben Younger

Puppy Love.
Ron Wells

I'm glad the dogs haven't gone, or this would be doggone difficult!
Idske Mulder

Pu - ush, Breathe, Pu - ush, Breathe, IT'S NO USE... it won't go back in!
Irvin Kauffman

Sea mates
Linda Newman

Tony Holt

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