Computer Wear - Sneaker Powered

Who needs software or hardware when you have runwear!

Never have to run away from your computer again - it can run with you

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Sneaker powered comupter footwear

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Its got CD, DVD, subwoofer (the other shoe); AM/FM/XM radio, Ham radio,
CB; CD-R/RW compatability; 45-minute anti-skip; plays mp3, wmp, mpg, avi,
and 38 other musical file types; it... what?
Whaddya mean, how do you get your foot in... oh, Crap.

Kirk Lowry

This brings a whole new meaning to the term reboot.
Tim Smith

I wonder why there's a crack in my CD?
Cory Prior

Wow, excellent features... but what does it 'run' on?
Ric Mossip

Feet Music!
Matt Anon

iPed   Made in CCCP
Irvin Kauffman

The Tennis Shoe that Wore Computers.
based on the movie The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes”
Kati Sharpe

A shoe in for best compact of the year!
Patty Quesenberry

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