A Bicycle Boot For Two

Why walk a mile in my shoes when you can ride ’em!

Another booty-full invention
Stepping out on the town?
Retread riding retreads
Another wheel-y boot-yful joe-k, eh!
Who needs a Denver Boot when you can use my boot?

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Bicycle wheels made of shoes

Captions from our readers...

But honey, technically this DOES qualify as jogging...!
... giving Lance Armstrong the boot ...
Nah, I just got tired of changing tires all the time.
Kirk Lowry

Eat your heart out, Lance!
Phoebe Moll

Bumpy ride?... nah.... I'm Jellin...
What are YOU laughing at buddy...
NIKE pays me $200.00 a week to ride this flippin' thing!

Ric Mossip

In Memory of Terry Fox-Canada's Hero for Cancer Research...
Little miniature Terry Fox's...

(celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Terry Fox's cross-Canada run)
Christine Pomerleau

Hey, at least I didn't buy wheels for feet.
Cory Prior

I don't just knock em over - I trample 'em to death.
Malcolm Fellows

What do you mean the left one's flat?
Andy Wilson

These boots were made for walking...  (Nancy Sinatra song)
Robert Merrill

The World's First Walking Bicycle!
Matt Anon

Just before Bob took a tumble someone shouted One of your shoe laces are untied.
Ron Wells

Feet feet feet feet. How many feet you need. Here comes wheel feet.
Artur Melkumov

A most soulful experience.
McCuil Wyman

... five thousand two hunderd seventy EIGHT, five thousand two hunderd seventy NINE...
See! I told you there are only 5279 feet in a mile!

According to my calculations if I just add one more shoe, I'll be moving the speed of light.
This is nothing! You should see Imelda Marcos' Ten-speed bicycle!
Bianca Skvirsky

Would raising the front be a wheelie or a bootie?
Ralph Hammerl

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