New Events for Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
Athletes prepare for new events

[After the success of the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics,
the Olympic Committee has decided to add 6 new events to the next
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. Here, in an exclusive interview with, athletes are getting prepared for the new events...]

Ball and Chain Shot Put

Ski-T Shooting

Long Jump / Last Jump

Chainsaw Fencing

Dynamite Relay

New Olympic Games events bring the last in athletes

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Razor Wire High Jumping



Cement Truck Lane

Cane Swimmers

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Bartender Spill

Angry Mathematician

Matching Receipt

Where Nobody Speeds

A Good Woman

Front Row Seats

Always Full Glass

Teople Poo

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Thrilling Read

Double Line Parking

New Audi

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Conversation Chair

Bird Person

Family Fun
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